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Ruben Ramos wins Grammy for Tejano CD: Updates**

Congratulations to Ruben Ramos & Texas Revolution. (Updates below) The Austin-based band won the Grammy for best Tejano CD,  for their latest CD "Viva La Revolucion."

More Grammy details as they are released.The show is

airing tonight oin CBS.

Austin's Ruben Ramos has been one of the most talented and enduring figures in Tejano music. 

Few Tex-Mex artists in today's arena are as versatile as Ramos and his Texas Revolution. The band can play a smooth mix of traditional polka-based Tejano standards then switch effortlessly to inspired rancheras, then R&B and even country numbers. Sure, a few bands can play this musical brew but few are able to pull it off with class and sophistication. 

In a previous interview, we asked Ramos what was his secret? 

"Tejano fans come to dance,'' said Ramos. "We want to keep them dancing as much as possible but we can't just give them polkas and cumbias. Now and then you have to throw in some blues, R&B or an oldie. 

"Our guys happen to love some of these other styles,...so it's fun for us too.'' 

On stage, Ramos and this band are a tight ensemble whose skills have been honed through more than 10 years (average) of working together.  A trademark of the Ramos' sound is the crispness of the rhythm section highlighted by the sometimes jazzy, always sharp, brass licks. 

The rest of the band is: Joe Ramos, keyboards, guitar; Lorenzo Flores, drums, timbales; Joe Mier, bass; Alberto (Skeeter) Amezquita, trumpet/vocals; and Frank Gomez, tenor sax/percussions. 

7:14 p.m.: Statement from The Recording Academy®:
"We have just been informed that Rihanna will not be attending tonight's 51st Annual GRAMMY Awards. We're sorry she is unable to join us this evening."

More details: www.ramiroburr.com

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