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Latin Fusion TV: new Telemundo deal; La Familia Christmas
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Latin Fusion TV: new Telemundo deal; La Familia Christmas 

After years of hard work Latin Fusion TV, hosted by Brandy Lopez, has struck a major deal with the Telemundo to air the entertainment show.

"Landing this deal and being given an opportunity

to partner with Telemundo is truly a blessing for Latin Fusion TV," said Lopez recently. Latin Fusion TV Executive Producer Michael Arellano, also called the new deal beneficial for all concerned:

"When Brandy and I spoke with Telemundo, they saw our vision and understood our mission - to provide quality entertainment without sacrificing family value and integrity, but from a local perspective."

Brandy added: "As they put it - 'We are magic in A Bottle' because we can give San Antonio a great taste of what the Latino community in San Antonio is all about."

Meanwhbile, Latin Fusion TV is preparing for the 4th Annual La Familia Christmas. The event "Una Noche bajo Las Estrellas" will feature MC Hot Henrietta with performances by Victoria Acosta, Kandi Garcia, Elizabeth "La Cantane" Brackman, Rick Balderrama. Gabe Nieto, Little Henry Padilla and special guests Pablo Urbina de La TraZion and Elemento.

Also performing are Gabe Garcia and Tato Henriquez. Tickets are $10-$20 and toy donations are accepted. The event benefits Pinata in the Barrio and Center for Family Relations. 5:30 p.m. Sunday. Dec. 13.

Lopez said Telemundo partnership is a major step for Latin Fusion TV.

"The importance that I see in landing this wonderful deal is that now, our local viewers can see what we are all about," she said. "As Michael puts it: 'Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers!' And, we can give our viewers and their families a show that they can all enjoy."

Arellano added: "It’s very important and a big deal because we are being recognized as legitimate programming and not just a paid program, which says a lot about what we have tried to accomplish and how that is coming to fruition."

Lopez said fans are in line for a special deal:

This is a Latino town and we should be showcasing our culture and heritage to 'nuestra familia.' Ideally, we would like to be bilingual, like our city, but we are currently trying to establish a relationship with a community station, i.e. Telemundo and this is one way to let our Spanish viewers know that they too can be apart of a great show here in their hometown."

Arellano said Latin Fusion TV is an entertainment, and faith-driven television show that is broadcast on the Internet, and will be airing on broadcast TV in 2010. Beginning its 4th season, LFTV has aired on Telemundo in other cities and has broadcast on CW2, the KENS 5 sister station.

He added: "LFTV aims to 'encourage, empower and entertain' while highlighting local and national celebrities, but more important: that we highlight the local heroes, who do so much for San Antonio and get so little recognition. Latin Fusion TV covers community events, organizations and people while providing coverage about local and national entertainment, sports and celebrities. We have segments about food, finance, arts, music and just neat topics that we think people would like to know more about.

"I want to bring great stories, interviews and entertainment," said Lopez. "I want people to know that I take my show serious and I like to make it Fun and exciting for everyone. Every week will be different, and we want to keep bringing our viewers back with them saying: 'I can't wait till next week'."

Michael: "That is why we call it Serious Entertainment, because the bottom line is everyone will get some form of education and/or awareness, because Latin Fusion TV is here to recognize and showcase the abilities of our Culture and to stand out as a new business model here in San Antonio."

So how does Latin Fusion TV stand apart or is distinct from other shows?

"I feel that Latin Fusion TV is different from other shows here locally because we are not just about Entertainment and Music videos," said Lopez.

"Because LFTV 'Highlights People, not parties!' we


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