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Expert musicianship, wondrous melodies and emotional charges are among the tools used by the Tribute Band on their weekly gig at the Pueblo Hall.

It is a potent mix and one that usually delivers the good in their weekly shows.

Tonight, Friday 2/26,. Tribute Band is also

 teaming up with accordionist Nick Villarreal for a unique show.

The Legendary Tribute Band is made up of former members of legendary Sunliner Band. The band is also playing March 5 and March 26 with TBA special guests. The smoke-free Pueblo Hall is located at 3315 Northwestern. For bookings, contact Mary Jane Parrilla (210) 520-7400

becaue the Tribute Band is made up oif top veterans, their repertoire is extensive and standard numbers include "I only have eyes for you," "(You've got) Personality," "Stand By Me," "Unchained Melody,"  and "Laughter in the Rain."

The band features Ralph Cortez as singer, Henry Lee, Rudy Palacios, Roland Martinez and a couple of other guys.

In a recent review, these were my notes:

It's easygoing, nostalgic, and ultimately satisfying.

No loud rock, no angry punk here.

"Everybody likes to feel young, so the music takes you back to when you were young," said Ruben McCoy, fellow guest, marketing strategist and music lover. "It rejuvenates you."

"Plus it is almost like, it takes you out of today's troubles, a form of escapism. To a better time, another place."

The ultimate purpose of music is to move people. To move them to the dance floor. To move them to tears.

If music, like art, does not provide some sort of emotional punch, then it amounts to nothing. It is blah, and boring.

The power of music lies in its ability to transform your state of mind, telegraph emotion, and/or transport you to a far away place.

The organizers of Pueblo Hall have tapped into a certain market. This demographic is obviously not being served elsewhere.

MORE:Tribute Band: trips down memory


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Help needed locating a cd TRIBUTE Music of The People
written by Margaret Garcia, April 05, 2015
I am trying to buy cd titled TRIBUTE music of the People Has 10 songs on the cd #1 starts with Laughter In The Rain and #10 is Sunnier Medley. The jacket has a red Chevy with a white top and an oval that says WARNING ! Genuine Chicano Music. I have the plastic jacket, but need the cd. (I took it to a party and came home with the jacket BUT NO CD ! Please help me get the cd. Thanks !

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