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Comfort Properties                                                                              P.O. Box 15747, San Antonio, Texas 78212                                                                                                 2010

Comfort Properties Rental Application 

(Cut-and-paste, print out, fill out, fax or drop off)

EACH ADULT MUST COMPLETE SEPARATE APPLICATION. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY. Welcome to Comfort Properties. For tenants’ safety and security, ALL information must be completed. Incomplete applications will cause delays or not be processed. Applicant approval will depend on credit, employment history, background and references. The advertised deposit amounts are for qualified applicants. Only clean, responsible people who pay rent on time need apply. Thank you. This is a no smoking rental property.

How did you find out about us? Street Sign ___ Newspaper Ad ___ SAHA/Military housing ___ Friend ___ Other _______Today’s date: _____________ Which Comfort Property are you applying for (address): ______________________ 


Full Name ____________________ Home Phone (___)__________ Work (___)_________ Email: _______________Soc. Sec. # ______ - _____-______ DOB: ___/___/____ Driver’s License #_________________State_______ 

Current Address ____________________________City___________ State___ Zip_______ Current Rent $_________
From __/__/____ to __/__/____ If renting, Apartment name/location _________________ Phone (____) ___________
Landlord/Manager name________________________ Alternative Phone (____)____________________
Why are you leaving? _____________________________________________________________________. 

Previous Address ___________________________ City__________ State___ Zip______ Rent Payment $__________
From __/__/____ to __/__/____ If renting, Apt. name/location _______________________ Phone (___)___________
Landlord/Mgr’s name__________________________________ Alternative Phone (___)________________
Why did you leave? _______________________________________________________________________________.  

Current Employer _______________________ Address________________________________ Phone (___)__________
Position__________________ Check FT ( ) PT ( )  Employment dates__/__/___ to __/__/___
Gross Monthly Income before deductions $______________ Other Income $____________ Source______________ 

Former Employer _____________________ Address________________________________ Phone (___)__________
Position__________________ Check FT ( ) PT ( )  Employment dates__/__/___ to __/__/___
Why did you leave? _______________________________________________________________________

                                                              CREDIT REFERENCES
This may include store credit cards, rental stores, car loans, small loans etc.
Bank_________________________ Branch Address ____________________ City ________________ State___
Check all that apply:       Checking            Savings              Loan(s)  

Have you, your spouse, or any occupant listed in this application ever: (write yes (Y) or no (N) for ALL BELOW)
___ been responsible for any serious contract violations?  ___ will or did you provide a 30-day vacate notice to current landlord?
___ been evicted or asked to move out? ___ broken a rental contract? ___ declared bankruptcy?
___ been sued for rent? ___ been sued for property damage?___ had a foreclosure /repossession?
___ been arrested for a felony or sex-related crime that was resolved by conviction, probation, deferred adjudication, court-ordered community supervision, or pretrial diversion? If you respond yes to any above please provide details on back page on bankruptcy, or indicate the year, location and type of each felony and sex-related crime other than that resolved by dismissal or acquittal. We may need to discuss more facts before making a decision. (leaving any blanks will delay process.)


PERSONAL REFERENCES (List 3 persons, OTHER THAN RELATIVES, that we may contact to verify your character.)

Name____________________________ Relationship___________________ Phone (____)_______________Address_________________________________ City____________________ State _________Zip _______Name____________________________ Relationship___________________ Phone (____)______________Address________________________________ City_____________________ State _________Zip _______Name___________________________ Relationship____________________ Phone (____)_______________Address________________________________ City_____________________ State _________Zip _______  

IMPORTANT EMERGENCY INFORMATION (Please list in order of priority, family or friends to contact in a serious emergency.)

Name___________________________ Relationship___________________ Phones (____)______________Address________________________________ City_____________________ State _________Zip _______Name___________________________ Relationship___________________ Phones (____)_______________Address________________________________ City_____________________ State _________Zip _______ 

If you become seriously ill, incapacitated, missing, or in jail or penitentiary according to an affidavit of the above person, or if you die, you authorize (check one or more): ___ the above person, ___ your spouse, ___and/or ___ your parent or child to enter your rental property to 1.) remove all contents from the rental property, the mailbox and storage areas, and 2.) receive any refund (after lawful deductions) of your indemnification (security) deposit. If no box is checked, any persons in the above listed emergency information are authorized at our option.

OTHER INFORMATION (List all persons, including children and ages, who will live in the rental property)Name____________________________ Age ______ Name______________________________ Age _____
Name____________________________ Age ______ Name______________________________ Age _____ 

Will you be having pets in the property rental? ___ Y ___ N If yes, what type:Name____________ Type_________ Weight______ Name ____________Type ________Weight_____
NOTE: No pets are allowed at ANY TIME on the rental property premises without prior landlord/management consent, signature of Animal Addendum and payment of deposits and administrative fees. All dogs and cats must be spayed or neutered. Cats must be declawed or tenants must provided an extra $100.00 deposit. PLEASE, NO EXCEPTIONS. 


Date of desired occupancy_____________________ Anticipated length of stay______________
Unless lease contract specifies otherwise, tenant is responsible for all yard maintenance. If tenants prefers, landlord can provide yard maintenance for $20-$40 additional fee as part of the monthly rent.
Will tenant bring in their own washer/dryer? __ Y __ N. It tenant prefers, landlord can provide W/D at a reasonable extra fee of $     .    
Are you able to handle all the yard and minor maintenance/upkeep in the property? ___ Yes ___ No
Do you own: (Check each) Vacuum cleaner [ ] Lawn mower [ ] Waterbed [ ] Musical inst. [ ] Smoker yes [ ] No [ ]
Unless authorized by landlord, this is a no smoking rental property.
Will tenant maintain a renter’s insurance policy? _______ 
MAKE            MODEL        COLOR        YEAR       LIC. PLATE#      STATE         MO. PAYMT
_______            _______          _______        ______       ________              _______        _______________
_______          _______        ______       ________              _______        ________


Thank you for completing this Comfort Property rental application. We encourage and value your feedback via phone, email or in person. If you have a comment or suggestion, we thank you for taking the time to respond. This helps us to continually update Comfort Properties with the amenities, services, features and functionality that are most requested.

Comfort Properties                                                                              P.O. Box 15747, San Antonio, TX 78212  P. 2

A non-refundable application fee of $_15.00 is required and a reservation/earnest money fee of $_100.00 may be required for processing application, and is being paid herewith. The undersigned expressly agrees that if this application is approved applicant herewith agrees to rent this rental property. Applicant further agrees that if applicant is accepted by landlord/management and then decides not to move into the premises, then all monies paid herewith shall be retained by landlord as liquidated damages since other prospective tenants may have been turned away and landlord/ management may have to re-advertise the property and evaluate other applicants. Processing of application shall be as timely as possible and the results may be delivered via telephone, fax or mail. Once approved, applicant agrees to pay the balance of rental funds and complete the paperwork within 48 hours, otherwise landlord/management will assume that applicant has decided to forfeit the reservation/earnest money payment made herewith and will begin re-marketing the property. If applicant is not approved, all monies given herewith, less application fee shown above shall be returned to the applicant.


I declare that this entire application is complete, true and correct and I herewith give my express permission for anyone contacted to release the credit or personal information of the undersigned applicant to landlord/management or their authorized agents, at any time, for the purposes of entering into and continuing to offer, provide or collect on any agreement and/or credit extended. I further authorize landlord/property manager Ramiro Burr, Comfort Properties, or his Authorized Agents to verify application information including but not limited to obtaining criminal records, credit reports, contacting creditors, present or former landlords, social help or government agencies, employers and personal references, whether listed or not, at the time of the application and at any time in the future, with regard to any agreement entered into or with landlord/management. Any false information by applicant will constitute grounds for rejection of this application, forfeiture of earnest money fees and/or landlord/management may at any time immediately terminate any lease contract agreement entered into in reliance upon misinformation or false information given on this rental application. If I am accepted I further authorize landlord/property manager Ramiro Burr, Comfort Properties, or his Authorized Agents to release any credit, landlord verification or personal information of the undersigned applicant including but not limited to rent history, late payments, contract violations, late charges, evictions, to future landlords, social help or government agencies, collection, credit bureau agencies and consumer credit reporting agencies.

____________________________________                  _____________________
Applicant’s Authorization                                      Date 

Comments/questions: contact Ramiro Burr, Comfort Properties  374-7465 822-6089 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Applications may be dropped off at the home office, 153 El Monte Blvd in front door mailbox slot or may also be drop off at mailbox of the individual rental property. 

Application/Credit policies:

Applications take 1 business day to process. We’re reasonable folks and do not expect perfect credit as almost everyone has had a few bad accounts. We’re more concerned with serious delinquencies like Chap. 11 or 13 bankruptcies, foreclosures, civil judgments, or judicial evictions. Even then a complete, detailed explanation of the circumstances may suffice. In the case of seriously bad credit, a moderate deposit increase and/or a last month’s rent may be required in advance for application approval.

Early Moveins: Early moveins are allowed, provided tenant pays the prorated rent. For example, is rent is $850 a month, divided by 30 days in a month that comes to about $28 a day. So if tenant wants to move in five days early we multiple $28 x 5=$140.00



Bookkeeper/secretarial: PT, Light bookkeeping, knowledgeable of Excel, Peachtree or similar. $7/hr.
Handyman helper: PT, light handy work, maintenance, cleanup, minor repairs. $7/hr. Call 822-6089.


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