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Home Music Newsflash Trevi to perform at Premio Lo Nuestro
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Trevi to perform at Premio Lo Nuestro
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Mexican pop/rock singer Gloria Trevi has been announced as performing at the 2012 Premio Lo Nuestro, scheduled Thursday, Feb. 16 in Miami.

Trevi will sing her new single  “Gloria,” from her new album “Gloria en vivo,” according to her record label.
Written by Umberto Tozzi, Gloria" was originaly recorded in 1982 by Laura Branigan and became a big hit.

In this new version, Trevi gives her
 reading with a contemporary sound, Universal Music official said.

Trevi will perform the song live for the first time in Miami during the 24th edition of the Lo Nuestro awards.

Last year, Trevi released her album “Gloria,” which she followed with an extensive international tour.

In her two decade-long career, Trevi has been no stranger to 

From the bottom to the top, back to the bottom and back up to the top, the story of Trevi has never ceased to fascinate on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border.
Trevi’s intriguing tale is one of those that really does seem to have everything in it: poverty and ambition, fame and scandal, celebrity and controversy, judicial incompetence and international politics.  

Almost 10 years ago, in what some called Trevi-gate, the singer was arrested and then released from prison in Brazil on charges of corrupting a minor. In 1999 Trevi and her then-manager Sergio Andrade has been charged with luring teenage singers with promises of stardom and then turning them into sex slaves. eventuially, all charges were dropped but Trevi remained in headlines for other antics.
From the mid’90s, through the scandalous affair


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