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Home Music Rock / Pop Jose Feliciano: 'no plans for retirement'
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Jose Feliciano: 'no plans for retirement'

Pop singer Jose Feliciano says he still has alot to contribute in music in years to come. So much so, the idea of retirement doesn't even enter his mind.

"Retire to what? Sure I get tired sometimes, but we all do," Feliciano said in a recent email interview. "Retirement to me means one

 foot in the grave. I'm not there."

He sure isn't. Feliciano is so busy his publicist said his interviews are limited and in this case, could only be done within our deadlines via the electronic magic of email.

Feliciano recently played at Trinity University's Laurie Auditorium in San Antonio.

Another one of our correspondents, Ron Aguillen, checked out the show and had this mini-report: "The show was great, his voice, clear as his youthful days; his guitar, masterful.  His five-man band projected the sound of an orchestra - musical precision."

Beyond regular touring, Feliciano is stays relevant in his recordings. He recently won a Grammys for his recent CD “Señor Bachata!”

And for Feliciano, winning never gets old.

"It felt wonderful, after a number of years to again be nominated and then actually be given the statue. My career has spanned a full 40 years, having received my first award in 1968."

Though he's mostly known as a pop singer, Feliciano has recorded albums of Cuban boleros, Mexican rancheras, and tropical bachata. To him, the variety of music only opens new frontiers.

"Music has no borders and I think of myself as a sort of ambassador to music. I enjoy the different genres very much and I think my audiences do, too, if given the opportunity to hear it. I was recently in Europe and even the people there enjoyed my Bachata CD, so there is a case in point of which I refer."

Feliciano collaboaretd with severalguests artists on his CD “Señor Bachata!,” including Millie Quezada, La India and Rakim & Ken-Y.

"They are all talented people whom I enjoy and they wanted to work with me as well, so why not, right?"


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