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'Dr. G Medical Examiner': great show; disappointing
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Redundant, predictable and disappointing.

This is just a quick take of the series "Dr. G Medical Examiner."

This is a potentially fascinating series. Personally I love the autopsy-type investigative series.

There was that famous HBO autopsy series with Dr. Michael Baden - whose title I can't recall. But that series was compelling each step out of the way.

So what is 'Dr. G Medical Examiner'?

According to Wikipedia, "Dr. G: Medical Examiner is

a reality television series shown on the Discovery Health Channel. Dr. G, or Dr. Jan Garavaglia, is a Medical Examiner with Florida's District Nine Medical Examiner's office in Orlando, Florida.

"This series features Dr. G working on unexplained deaths in the Orlando area, as well as similar deaths from her last position as a Medical Examiner in Bexar County, Texas. The shows feature dramatic re-enactments of the events leading up to the person's death as well as the autopsies. Also interviews of Dr. G, family members, and other people connected to the deaths are shown."

So, the potential is there and I do enjoy the series.

But here are my gripes.

Like most reality shows, the producers work their predictable tricks on the series which can be a good source of maintaining interest. But their use here is a little over the edge - to the point of being annoying.

Here are the strikes agiansrt the show:
1. Endlessly repetitive/redundant. As in when a video snippet shows a body covered in marks, the narrator says stuff like "the body was covered in marks." Or the narrator says "Dr. G was a surprised at the findings,' and then Dr. G appears saying "I was surprised at the findings." Or the narrator says "Dr. G' was left clueless by the autpsopy," and then Dr. G appears, saying the exact same thing. Or Dr. G says "now it is his job to figure out the source of the blood," then a cutaway to the medical assistant saying "I'm not really sure what the saource of blood is."

More repetition: On each break, the narrators spends 10-15 seconds telling the viewer what is coming up. After the commercial break, the show spends 20-35 seconds recapping what we just saw before the break.

It is really frustrating because I do like the show series.

Here's why:
1. Fascination by


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