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'Jumpin' Jess' Rodriguez's Top 10 All-Time Tejano songs
Las Nubes - Little Joe
Tejano Enamorado - Latin Breed
Por Una Mujer Casada - Little Joe

Gato Negro - Ruben Ramos
Reina de mi Amor - Sunny Ozuna
Tu Prieto - Jimmy Edward
Que Me Lleven Canciones - Mazz
Sensaciones - Emilio
Que Trizteza - David Lee Garza
Borcho de Besos - La Fiebre
Que Casualidad - Joe Bravo


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written by manuel, February 20, 2009
just passing thru saw the post from the lady looking for a song try en aquel baile from joe posada its on youtube
looking for the artist
written by leticia, January 30, 2009
Ive been looking for the artist of a song that goes like "en ese baile te conoce" does anyone know who sings it?????
top dawg & sometimes, jus a dawg
written by warren "guero primero" garrison, January 01, 2009
Jess, are you the one that has sent me music from time to time? Guero Primero in Tucson. Just dawned on me that when my account got chit canned by AOL for being out spoken during the election you and others might have lost contact with me, IF in fact you are the one the sent me stuff like from Bob Gallarza and all, plus other groups. I know I still get stuff from Hacienda and Freddie Records but if it was you, I don't hear from you any more. Just talked with David Samarano of and he's supposed to be coming up to slap the Tucson station back on my PC and get me up and running. I understand the guys at the Dallas Station are kicking butt and the only thing any DJ has to offer that has the same music on hand is the order in which they play them, and they MUST not play just what they like but what everyone likes. We have DJ's in Tucson and I can walk in blind folded and tell you who's spinning the disc by the music they are playing. Anyway, even if this isn't you, you have a good New Year and hope your Christmas was a good one. Later, Guero Primero.

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