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Jenny, Marc are NOT separating 

Newsflash just in -Jenny and Marc are NOT separating. Yeah, strange that a non-confirmed type story becomes news but that is the celeb-crazy world we live in.

According to

 there is no truth to a news report in a Puero Rican newspaper that Jenny Lopez and Marc Anthony were separating, despite persistent rumors.

From the report:

"Los rumores de una supuesta separación entre Jennifer López y Marc Anthony parecen no tener fin.

Pues, aunque recientemente la representante del salsero de ascendencia puertorriqueña, Blanca Lasalle, aseguró a People En que todo anda bien entre la pareja de cantantes, este lunes el diario New York Daily News reportó que el intérprete de 40 años y la actriz de 39 planean anunciar su separación el próximo ..."



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written by Maria, June 09, 2016
He's a PERVERT... I don't belive anything he says. A PIG
free Joe Lopez
written by Ester Trevino, March 08, 2016
I have been a fan since the "70's what ever happened it happened please rest assured that that I will "ALWAYS " be your fan and supporter keep your faith and keep praying because i do i believe in you can't wait till you come out you'll be bigger than ever just remember "God "we've all grown since then gotten wiser "GOD BLESS YOU "
written by Juanita Mendoza, April 08, 2015
I have been always your fan hope you will get another trial get closer to the lord he will hear you lot off inmates have been wrongly convicted you are one may the lord bless you for a second chance in court "take care " your fan from Dallas Texas
Joe Lopez, His Fight for Freedom Continues 2013
written by Mia Salazar, October 05, 2013
Joe Lopez has hired a new lawyer who is seeking the DNA evidence to have it tested with more sophisticated methods. Please visit his website and share this information, Thanks n God bless.
written by Sandra F, April 19, 2012
Ms Sandra,
I'm sure he does remember the ones that have been by him. But the interview would be over if he just sat there and thanked everyone. In your hearts, you know you have been there. That should be enough instead of waiting for a publicly acknowledgement. I don't know you or Joe personally but I'm sure he has had alot of time to think about his actions and what has lead him there. I pray that all find peace and lifes can be healed for all involed!
Why do we forget
written by Sandra, April 05, 2011
smilies/angry.gif I see how funny it that Joe seemed to mention everyone who wrote him and stood behind him.. what makes me angry he forgot to mention the ones who have been by his side since day one.. Most of the Andrade Family. Mainly Grandma...they say leave things in Gods hands to those who do wrong and forget those who help them.. and it was left in Gods hands.. Joe was kind to me when i came in this family but ..Don't forget those who stood by your side don't hate others for the messed up mistakes on idiot make ...for those of us who did what we could to help .. now we wash our hands

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