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'No Dogz or Mezkins Allowed': movie proves absorbing, funny

Our correspondent Ramón Hernández previewed this new independent film and files this report.

“The Story of Moonshiner” made its San Antonio debut

last Saturday at the Crossroads Theater.

Most of the local cast was on hand to mingle with fans for the film whose original working title was “No

Dogz or Mezkins Allowed.”

(Photos courtesy Ramon Hernandez)

However, director David Peña says they had to tone down the racist discriminatory parts and changed the title because it was all too strong for a general audience.

Still the film touches on racaial hate, abortion, sex, date rape, religion, gun control; morals and building walls of fear that destroy the humanity in everyone.

One of the most incredible things is that the film – after most potential supporters backed out -- is that it was shot on a budget of $800.

There were some spots in which the audio jumped up in volume and one long scene with a lot of camera movement, but that's about it. The acting was surprisingly pretty convincing.

In view of that aspect, the fact that most of the actors are aspiring actors and all things considered the movie was actually good. Samantha Beltrán shined as Moonshiner and singer Joe “King” Carrasco Teutsch was absolutely, hysterically funny.

On a sad note, Eliseo “Eli” Ordaz, who played the part of Paul Piña, Moonshiner’s father, died on his way to the screening Saturday night. He also wrote “Chicano Lover,” the theme song for the film which Nataly Peña performs before the opening movie credits.

“He was the biggest supporter of the film. He had been dreaming about being on the big screen and sharing his song to the world for over 10 years. This was his dream came true.  Rest in peace Eli, my Chicano Brother,” David Pena said with a broken heart.

Two more screening are scheduled for Austin and Corpus Christi. For more information, one may contact the director at (210) 778-2226 or go to www.myspace.com/nodogzormezkins




MOONSHINER CAST: Top row (left to right): Art Támez, Miriam Monroe, Alizia Briones, Mary Harder, Sylvia Soto, Rudy Serna ad Rita Verreos.

Bottom row: Chris Támez, Louie Méndez, David Peña, Bobby Serna and Samantha Beltrán. Some cast members that were unable to show up for the premiere were Joe Salinas, Alfonso Emiliano, Adon Israeli, Santos Sosa and Rubén “Primo” Castro.

CAST: Alfonso Hernández, Samantha Beltrán, David Peña, Adon Israeli and (on one knee) Joe Salinas.


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