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Mazz's Joe López breaks his silence
Getting along with inmates
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Mazz's Joe López breaks his silence 

Love him or hate him, Joe Lopez, formerly of Grupo Mazz, will go down in history as one of the greatest, most popular - and controversial - singers in Tejano music. The serious criminal charges, his guilty verdict and the aftermath of broken families, has supporters and detractors on all sides. In this exclusive interview, correspondent Ramon Hernandez gets 'an update from Lopez'

By Ramón Hernández

After two and a half years of being prohibited to speak to any form of media by numerous

lawyers, Joe López was finally allowed to break his silence and grant his first and only interview in this exclusive story.

For Pt. 2 go here: Mazz's Joe Lopez: solitude, forgiveness, reflection

The fact is that López has wanted to speak since day one. However, his defense attorneys had also prevented him from speaking on his own behalf in court.

The Grammy Award winning former lead singer for Mazz whose hits include “Amor Con Amor,” “No Te Olvidare,” “Lo Hare Por Ti,” “¿Qué Esperabas?” and “A Las Escondidas,” who was sentenced to 32 ½ years on October 31, 2006 for the alleged rape of his 13-year-old niece, was now able to talk.

(Photos courtesy Ramon Hernandez)

"I have always wanted everyone to hear my side of the story,” López disclosed.

The no-contact visit took place with the Tejano megastar locked within the confines of a three-by-four foot holding cell at a facility south of Rosharon, Texas. The only other person allowed to participate was Christina Hernández, president of the Justice for Joe López movement.

López seemed to be in fine spirits as his face lit up and he flashed that famous killer smile that once melted the hearts of many women, but gone was his mustache, beard, his long golden locks of Greek God hair and he was no longer bejeweled.

However, his now smooth pale face had nay a wrinkle and the baby blue eyes that send women swooning and falling at his feet still had a twinkle and sparkled as though spotlights were hitting his face; and it was all, as he said, because he had found the peace of the Lord.

“Yo andaba mal y Diosito me dijo ‘you’re going too fast,’ ” López said without hesitating one second to launch into our conversation as though he did not want to waste one minute of precious interview time.

“God said, ‘stop it,’ but never in my dreams, did I expect to be in here,” he added. Simply put, it was a wake-up call.

López then started to recount much information that cannot be shared with the public since it is for inclusion in a book that Christina is publishing.

The book, which has a working title of “Justice for Joe” will exonerate López and detail all the facts that will prove his innocence with never-before seen documents. It will also expose why López was set up, wrongfully charged and convicted. The book will expose important behind the scenes shocking facts. Another reason for losing the case is there was much evidence that was inadmissible in court because the alleged victim was not eighteen.

Days gone by,...

“They stopped my life,” the 58-year-old inmate said.

There is an appeal in progress and this cannot be hampered so this article will solely focus on what can be legally divulged. What can be disclosed is that López did not have to go to prison because he was initially offered four months in jail followed by probation. The result is that he fired his lawyers for even fathoming the thought of such a deal.

“Imagine that. If I had indeed done that and was offered only four months, I would have kissed his feet and hugged the judge, but I didn’t do anything. So why should I admit to a crime I did not commit in exchange for a light sentence? Ni lo mande Dios,” López said as he shook his head in disbelief.”

Instead, López is behind bars with 30 more years left to do, but as he firmly stated, “I have faith and as they say, the truth shall set you free.”

So what keeps the 1980s and ‘90s Tejano Music Awards Male Vocalist and Male Entertainer of the Year from going crazy from all his emotional torment?

“My friends, my fans and God,” he answered. “Little Joe just sent me $100 and has written a few letters. Marco Antonio Solís also wrote telling me that if this had happened in Mexico, he would have done something on my behalf and Luis Sílva, que en paz descanze y Dios lo tenga en sus brazos, he was helping me in looking for due royalties."

Joe did express disappointment that his longtime bandmate Jimmy González had not written him.

Then there’s the moral support of his children: Joey and Jenny, his mother Benita, his sister Alma and brothers Raúl, Lorenzo, Saúl and Ernie to keep him going plus Judy López, who is most vocal as the family’s voice. In addition, he receives a sack full of fan mail per week.

“On the average, I receive 20 letters a day and I answer each and every one of them. Check out my hand!” As he put his arm up to the window, one could not help but notice calluses and blisters from so much writing had replaced the rings he once wore. His wrists were also bare of a watch and bracelets, but he was wearing a necklace.

“See this crucifix? When I got to Huntsville, some of the Chicano prisoners asked me if I needed anything, I said, ‘yes, I would like a crucifix’ and they made this for me. If you notice the chain the crucifix is

on, it used to hold the rubber plug from a kitchen sink.

In return López delights inmates within ear reach with their three most requested songs. “And those are ‘La Diferencia,’ ‘Porque Eres Mia’ and ‘Estupido Romantico,’ he said. “They are very respectfully with me and even ask me to sign autographs for their parents, their kids and their friends. Then, changing mood, his face turned solemn as he calculated his next few words.

“You know? I used to be a lost sheep. I remember one night when I was at Freddie Recording Studios when Freddie Martínez asked me if I would record a Christian song and I said, ‘no’ because I had no interest in doing so.”

Once behind bars, the music icon started asking God, “¿Por Qué Dios Mio, Por Qué?” Then he made a 180-degree turn. Proudly holding up a stack of hand-written song lyrics, he said, “Would you believe I have now written over 100 gospel songs, of Christian tunes that mention or praise God? And the first thing I do when I wake up each morning is to get on my knees and pray 25 minutes. I read the Bible two hours each afternoon and again, before going to sleep.”

The result is that López is now able to quote scripture and sees some parallels to his life. “I can relate to Job and what happened to him,” the living legend said. “And I can also relate to some parts of Joseph and King David’s lives.”

As he mentioned King David, one could remember when López was regally attired in purple velvet outfits plus shiny and glittery costumes as he seemed to hold court onstage before his legion of adoring fans. The fact he has been humbled by God was evident when he proudly tugged on his white shirt and said, “When the inmates that work in the laundry found out you were coming to interview me, they wanted me to look my best. So they bleached, starched and ironed my uniform real good.”

And sure enough, his uniform on down to his white sneakers looked sparkling white, as though radiating a new pureness in his spirit in what was a contrasting image of his heyday.

This is part one of a two-part exclusive report and in part two, his fans will be made privy to his life behind bars and what’s being done to set this innocent man free.

Pt. 2: Mazz's Joe Lopez: solitude, forgiveness, reflection

Meanwhile, fans wishing to write the Grammy Award winning vocalist can write to José Manuel López 1399866, Ramsey Unit W-1-6, 1100 FM 655, Rosharon, Texas 77583.


IF you write to Joe Lopez, please mention you read his story here. Check back for Pt II.
Comments, questions? Leave us a message or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Rebecca Sotomayor Perez at 12:33am May 6:
OK, I was finally able to read it on the blackberry. I don't know what to think guilty or wrongly convicted the only thing I know for sure is that God is good no matter what!

Sylvia G. Croley at 1:13pm May 5
Just read it. Your are truly great at the writing, must admit! Sad story, but your delivery is AWESOME. Just don't ever leave SA !!! Let The Sun Shine...Let The Sun Shine...Music is the Sound of Life...and you're a Super Star at delivering the news. I'm passing "you" around to my friends on FB, Twitter,etc. hope you don't mind !! Ta, Ta, and good-night,
John Boy !! Later, Ramiro, Sweet Dreams...

Angelo Margarita at 11:41pm May 5
Who, pray tell, is Joe Lopez?

Robin Flores at 12:25am May 6
"Behind the music"...good update on the Blue Eyed Devil

Manuel Godina at 12:30am May 6
Wow great to hear from Joe. Thanks for the story...

Comments (61)Add Comment
Puro Tejano and Proud
written by Patty Rivas, August 14, 2016
Just read Joes story. It was so touching I almost teared. I can't wait til Joe gets out.
He has always been the one and only Joe Lopez❗️ Joes release is going to be outstanding. God only knows how Joe is and feels. He was always innocent. May God bless you now and forever.
I'll be waiting for your release just like everybody else. ❤️❤️❤️Luv you Joe Lopez❤️❤️❤️
Viva The Real Deal Mazz with Joe Lopez
la guerra musical
written by David Valadez, March 29, 2016
Hey Joe was reading all your letters ideed people love you you made them like your voice and that's special when you can get fans to love you I enjoyed opening up for grup
o jazz many times also on Domingo Pena show we played with jazz and they love y'all I play accordion I Remember one of the first time we played together at El maton that was the original jazz 2 keyboards sons like laura ya no give aqui. And Nina de 15 anos I am just glad we opened Up fo. Y'all God is great do t loose faith Adios David
written by Ester Trevino, March 08, 2016
Wow you were the best in our times may God Bless You what ever happened it happened I still support you and stand by you i'll still be here waiting for new music when you get homeaalways a fan PLEASE DON'T FORGET THAT "ALWAYS "LOVE YOU and keep your faith
written by patty g Molina
written by Laura Molina, January 12, 2016
God bless Joe Lopez we love your music and always will
Vamos Joe tu puedes...!!!
written by Felipe Gutierrez , November 04, 2015
I always remember this phase from you and is with me all the time. ...."what ever you do...you stay alive..and be somebody....and God bless you..!!"""
written by Juanita Mendoza , April 08, 2015
I been keeping up with your story it's the same as other inmates wrongly convicted I pray everything gets straighten out and you get to go home soon take care get closer to the lord he will hear your prays Your fan Juanita
written by Roseann Savedra, July 19, 2014
I love Joe Lopez he was here in Alburquerqe and his band was awesome also his accordion player God Bless Joe I believe in his innocence !!!!
Joe lopez
written by Lashorty, March 28, 2013
smilies/smiley.gifluv ya joe lopez
written by Lashorty, March 28, 2013
smilies/smiley.gifluv ya joe lopez,no worryies tarde o temprano la verdad saldra a la luz.my preyers to u and all your fam.
written by Rosa, July 03, 2012
smilies/wink.gif God Bless you Joe Lopez your the best!
written by Rosa, July 03, 2012
smilies/wink.gif Just love Joe's voice, he sings with his heart, just too bad, "he is", " where he is". I always attended his concerts in El Paso, TX. May God Bless oe Lopez.
written by Hector Lopez, June 18, 2012
The Tejano music scene has really sunk since your disapearance. Selena is gone, Emilio is out, and the the rest just got old.
Joe Lopez breaks his silence
written by Julie, January 23, 2012
I have always loved the music of The Real Mazz. Joe Lopez has will always be the king of tejano. If absolutely disturbs me that Jimmy Gonzales basically kicked Joe under the bus. Of course he went on with a solo career and making his money. But I read in his biography that he created the sound and Mazz all alone. Not once did he mention Joe. Shame on him! In their last concert which was video taped, during the song 'Vuelvo" Joe looked over at Jimmy with a smile because he was glad to be back on stage for a short time because of the history. Jimmy does not know the meaning of loyalty or friendship! I write Joe often and he has such a strong faith that leaves me inspired. I keep him and his family in my prayers daily. I know he has his final appeal coming and is desperately in need of funds to pay this lawyer. People can donate to The Joe Lopez Legal Defense Fund 7517 Boca Chica Blvd Brownsville Texas 78520. I am in Wisconsin and Mazz is still known everywhere. But when Joe is looking for help at this crucial time where are his fans? He has given us so many memories with his music, lets show our gratitude and help. Please Please Donate! let's get Joe home where he deserves to be. God Bless all his friends, family and fans!
written by pancho, January 15, 2012
ese joe. wishing you the best this new year. sorry for the late wish. Tu sabe como es with all the hassles and jale. Peace be wtih you. Stay strong. Your music is here to stay. Miss you at shows and bailes. The Chicano Movement misses you. You did so much for La Raza. Thank you. Sorry your ole compadre no escribe. You hang in there brother. Haci es la vida loca. I wish I could visit but ...no te awites. you can do it. keep the faith. peace be with you; good things are coming. Por Mi Raza Habla Mi Espiritu
Joe Lopez
written by Alma, December 16, 2011
the week B4 my mother passed away we heard your music on TV on Dec 1986 she has been gone a year to the day. She just loved to listen your music so have I. I belieive in what goes around comes around. we all have to pay what we have done. I don't know what that girl say u did but I feel that she lied so that she could get money from u. I pray that u should make a song 4 the Lord, do it.
ive loved his music since i was a little girl
written by sophia cardiel, November 17, 2011
I remember group of mazz from my childhood, my mom loves Joe Lopez, I would go see him playen first it was with my mom going to dances, then i started going by myself, i love his music till this day, may god watch over him and set him free, cause we all need him, and his beautiful music, love you always Joe Lopez
THis is to Johnny TREVino
written by cynthia Lopez, October 21, 2011
The Fact is He found GOD no matter where he was at the LORD wanted him to find him thats why things happing and in this world no one is perfect and no one can juge any one only GOD can do that are you trying to be at our LOD GOD LEVEL your no one to say those thang about any one we atre all trash till we find the person we need to findand shame on you trying to be at such LEVEL
May GOD be With you in the most time of need and Never Douth the LORD
written by cynthia Lopez, October 21, 2011
Joe Lopez I know you have alot of fans we love you, so very much we miss you and your music but you know you said something about you was asked to sing a christian song and you denied to this could be why put you on trial but your the only one to have the key to getting out of that Cell your faith from the heart and to repent of all things we did in life i'm not saying I'm not a sinner but i know that there is someone out there that hasn't forsake me as I was allways a child with no parents I wrote you ones I hope you remember who I am but I found out that the LORD brings us to a level in our lifes to sit back and think about why you have what you have andwho made you who you are and youknow what I never Douth in the LORD he is my saveior and my life and I hope that you can also know he is reall your faith will get you out of there ....hang in the you willl soon find yourself out and about again I will always pray for you to grow strong i your faith never for get faith in the LORD our GOD
written by Theresa Soto, September 04, 2011
Joe, I just wanted to say that you are the very BEST singer Tejano has EVER had!!! I truly miss seeing you perform and I pray that you are proven innocent so you can come home and continue entertaining us. Miss you dearly, Keep the faith and God Bless you always.
written by mariadavila, June 29, 2011
thank u joe for the card u sent me and my sister,my brother ricardo was locked up with u, thats how we heard u were there,u will b hearing from me pretty soon,god is going to work through me and u will see the gates of hell open and set u free.just like they opened for my brother ,he's home finally thank god
written by Venus, April 21, 2011
Hi Joe, I'm an avid fan and very sad this happened to you. I go along with the comments above on why don't authorities think that young girls/teenagers are at fault? They should have investigated this case a lot closer. I have family living in Baytown and they claim that girl was very wild. I guess it all goes back because she was under 18. Some of those girls are worst then adults. This is all very sad. There is and never will be another Joe Lopez. You are the best Tejano singer ever! Love You, Venus
written by ZANDRA LOPEZ Y MANUEL SOTO, December 14, 2010
Joe Lopez
written by R.benavidez, October 29, 2010
I don't know if Joe is guilty or not. All I know is that he is the best. Let God judge him.
Who are we to judge. Joe keep your faith like I Do.
written by julian lopez, September 30, 2010
never heard of joe was in jail
not even imagined
what can i say joe's singing means a lot to me
those songs, those memories
hope he can go out soon and dowhat we most love him for: singing
'bout his personal life, it seems that he's doing his thing, only he knows what's on his mind and heart
God bless him
te queremos en México Joe!
written by mary r, September 28, 2010
Love you Joe and some of us will never forget all your beautiful songs that had us dancing,drinking and or crying. Keep your head up.
update on Joe
written by Raul Pompa Sr, September 14, 2010
Joe , what got you in trouble was pride and like they quote pride comes before the fall . its great to know that God got your attention the hard way just dont forget him when you get released soon .

You are a great singer artist but its God who gave you the talent hope all turns out well for you .smilies/angry.gif
Hello Joe From California
written by Marie Gonzalez, August 21, 2010
Hello Joe you don't know me but I first heard you when I moved from California to Corpus Christi Tx in 1979. And my brother was working Shulitz beer Co. and he took me tomy first dance and it was you and the groupof Mazz I loved you singing so much I met my husband at one of your dances at the Yellow Rose and when my daughter and her husband came to visit we took them and she fell in love with your singing so used to send her you tapes also my mother. My Mother said you remind her her ofher father Joe Lopez toowith those eyesJoe I pray to God that he will help you with all this and if you get out dont forget #1 GOD. Any I eneded up marrying the guy from your dance and we have been marrried 30 yrs to date. I will write you a personal letter hopeanswer me back I will pray for you. Like someone posted you could have any woman why pick on a little girl. Marie Gonzale
God Bless Joe Lopez
written by Francisco Ramirez, August 16, 2010
I am a big fan of grupo mazz and basically have all there albums including the solo albums. I am glad to here that Joe turned to GOD and his heart has humbled. Your music will forever be apreciated and listened. Saludos desde Reno Nevada y viva la musica tejana.
big tiger
written by tony vallejo, August 08, 2010
the truth shall set you free, buddy. just hang in there and believe that GOD will set you free just like HE freed, paul and silas. i honestly believe in your innocence joe, otherwise you would have accepted that gracious plea bargain the D A was offering you. "talking about 4 months for a serious crime". but you held your ground for one reason and one reason only, cuz your innocent, and as i've said before, i myself, believe in your innocence to, just like many others out here do.i must add, that, i am very sad to here that your compadre, jimmy gonzalez, has not even bothered to send you a 'kite". but it's ok, lets just be kind to unkind people, they need it the most. you and your family are in my prayers buddy. later, FROM BIG TIGER.
written by joe.davila, May 21, 2010
who knows, Lowly rated comment [Show]
the reality of life is harsh and crude but God will always be true...
written by Elisha, March 25, 2010
As a HUGE tejano fan and being born into a family of musicians from CC & fort worth...I have loved Grupo Mazz since i was introduced to their music, all i can say about them is AMAZING..but lets get into what everyone else is talking about. First of all....the ones who bother to state that they dont care or ''who cares?" hmmm, well my question to them is...why state anything at all? and what is your point? Well..my point is... i for one cannot judge for that IS Gods doing, so there shouldn't be any of...''he's not guilty'' or "he is guilty" that is flat out silly, were any of us there at that very moment that this incident took place or that possibly never existed????? who knows? but ONLY those who were involved in this situation(Joe, young girl, God....) can tell all they like regarding his innocence or not. So i DO believe that God does forgive, and no matter what crime or to what level of crime he or we all may have done, we are Gods children and as longs as we are true and ask for forgiveness we shalll be heard....in prison, in a car, in a hospital, as a victim or as a perpetrator- it doesn't matter our surroundings or background... i just know that unfortunately sometimes the truth doesn't set you free, and that is just reality!!!! these people are very crude out there and are not in it for the spirit of life...but only to get there own... so regardless of any crime of his or not, i will always be a fan, its just a shame people can be so cold and heartless (vitim, Joe, Justice, press, media, whoever is not showing their heart) ????? I AM NOT PLACING THE BLAME ON EITHER ONE, BUT WE THE FANS WILL NEVER ACTUALLY KNOW THE WHOLE TRUTH. I TRUELY HOPE FOR THE BEST FOR JOE AND WISH EVERYONE WELL...
written by Tony M., February 18, 2010
I'm a big fan and not even a Tejano, Cubano actually, his music trancends all cultures, but no one put the DNA on the kids under clothes, why would there be such a cover up? his not an inportant person at all, to go through this type of coverup.
May god bless him and forgive his sins, we have all sinned in one way or another, many times.
I will always be a fan no matter what I beleive, and I read somewhere where it said "let he who has not sinned cast the first stone".
Never Forgotten Joe
written by Jose, December 01, 2009
I just want to say that I still feel bad for what Joe lopez is passing on to this day and we know actually girls act like adult so why law have to be on their side always because of they are teenagers?
law should investigate to deep this case. for me the "victim" tried to get fama and money that is all,
Joe do not surrender brother, many people as me believe in you, and we will be waiting the day to see you again on the stage giving us the best of your voice, GOD BLESS YOU JOE LOPEZ
Keep the Faith.
written by Arnaldo Gonzales, November 29, 2009
First I would like to just say "Thank You" to all the friends,family and fans who have stayed along Joe's side to fight for the justice he so clearly deserves.As a long long time "Mazz" fan from Racine,Wisconsin I will never give up the hope that one day Joe will be free and God willing show that all of this was an injustice of our judicial system.Please keep the faith Joe for our dear lord answers everyone.
Malicious Sentence of Joe Lopez
written by Tejano Ram, October 12, 2009
Thank you for posting the Joe Lopez interview tocayo, my name is Ramiro too. This harsh sentence given to Joe Lopez (an Army veteran) after a lenient out of court (4 months jail & probation) was offered seems very malicious. I knew he was found guilty but I was unaware of the absurd 30 year sentence. His defense attorney, prosecutors, jurors and even the judge should be ashamed. God has a place for them too if forgiveness is not implemented in the near future.
We would go to MAZZ Tejano dances and single girls (over 18 to 50) would always swoon in front of the stage. Joe Lopez could have any of them and probably did meet some after the event. “Mujeres, mujeres, mujeres, que linda son las mujeres.” This juvenile must have been really infatuated that she pressed on with puppy love. Where were her parents? I do not know the evidence presented but I bet they were misconstrued and falsified to reach a definitive guilty verdict.
I was thinking the same thing “Porque Dios Mio Dime Porque” while reading this (though the lyrics do not fit the story). Come one Jimmy Gonzalez help out a buddy, have a fund raiser, you have more friends that enemies!
“No Te Olvidare” and “Keep on Smiling” Joe Lopez, your Tejano fans still love and remember you. May God open the doors for your appeal and Jesus Christ provide you and family guidance and may the Holy Spirit send you a message of freedom and comfort!

Austin and Hebbronville, Texas
Puro Tejano
written by Ida, October 09, 2009
let see now I for one cannot judge joe or anyone for only God can, I was not there so how can i tell if he is or not inocent, God forgives all just remember that and just because he may have found God late in his life which us all find God early or let in our life not to many and still when we are in trouble we also look for God to help us right there and then, just remember we must be patience because it is only in God times not ours, no one says thing about the 13yr. girl what about her? people come on let's not forget where this all started, why isn't anything said about her. We must learn to forgive all that are in our life for we will be judge ourself and all of us do know we are all with sins ourself. So look into your own lifes and then look at his, how can anyone judge if you weren't there. God forgives all, just look back in your past and you everyone has a past even a bad thought is a sin. I love the music of Mazz it was awesome and the music will live forever. I pray all parties consern has asked for forgiveness, nobody is perfect in this world just remember and look in the mirror. chow
written by BR, August 15, 2009
Everybody finds God in prison. Always at a low point in their life. I've seen it firsthand. Once they're out its only a matter of time before they forget and go back to their old ways. I don't think Joe Lopez will be an exception.
long live el fantastico grupo MAZZ
written by Trunx, August 14, 2009
asta el fin mi amor vuelvo estar contigooooo porque solo tu es aquien yo quierooooo.... WHATEVER YOU DO YOU STAY ALIVE AND BE SOMEBODY, TILL WE MEET AGAIN GOODNIGHT TILL WE MEET AGAIN..... take care my brother..
FINDING GOD... GOD IS NOT LOST!, Lowly rated comment [Show]
written by B. Lopez, July 28, 2009
I believe that there are two sides to every story. And as horrible as it may sound 13 year old girls in this day and age do not behave the way 13 year old girls of my time behaved. And I am only 30. Regardless of whether Joe Lopez is guilty or not it will not take from the great artist that he is. Everytime I am asked who my favorite singer is I say Joe Lopez and sometimes I get comments regarding his current situation and I reply he who has no sin cast the first stone. In my heart Joe Lopez with always be innocent. He made mistakes however he is human after all. I hope to one day watch him perform onstage again. Good Luck Joe!
to joe lopez
written by Janie, June 24, 2009
smilies/smiley.gifHi Hope that you have been fine.Just keep on doing the same things that you are doingkeep on reading your mail and read about god and there is people out there that think that you are the wrost people and people that are with you and pray for you just dont give up Janie H.smilies/kiss.gifsmilies/wink.gifsmilies/kiss.gifsmilies/kiss.gif
God forgives all.
written by Cookie, June 09, 2009
To those of you that say that it took prison for Joe to find God, in all reality sometimes God calls us and we choode to turn the other way, why so that we don't have to give up the ways of the world, the world of darkness and to serve God and His Kingdom. For those who judge, what does it matter where God was found. Do you have God in your life or are you serving the evil doer the master of lies and of this dark world. We all make our mistakes in life and no matter where we find God if we repent and accept His Son Jesus as our Saviour, God is always ready to forgive and love us. It's not what we did before we found God because we all have skeleton's in our closet. It's what we do after we find God. He loves each and everyone of you and God sacrificed His only beloved Son for your sins and mine, are you willing to sacrafice your life to serve the Lord even if it meant having to go to prison for you to listen when He is calling. Maybe, God is tring to get your attention but your to busy judging other people. for those that know God know what I am saying, and if not seek Him and He will set you free. Praise God Joe, that you have found the light and that is our Lord Jesus Christ, that you have been set free of all those shakels and chains and no matter what or who say's what God know's the truth and that is all you need. And for all the injustice that has been done to you Joe expect a great reward cause it is coming, all in God's timing. God bless us all.

P.S Judge not least you be judged.
Mr. Joe Lopez forever #1
written by Michelle Marie, May 25, 2009
I want Joe to know he will forever be my number one, next to my dad of course. He does not deserve to be where he is and in due time all who are responsible for him being placed in this place will pay. Diosito is very big. For me this is just a little long vacation for Joe to get rest and his mind cleared for his future when he comes back to us all. I am 36 years old and have been a big fan of his since I was about 8 years old. My parents brought me up around his music along with Little Joe. I am hoping to see him really soon. I will be writing sending many letters cards and any and all that's acceptable over there. For all who don't believe he is innocent just didn't really know him at all. Love you Joe.
Grupo Mazz
written by Janie Rodriguez, May 24, 2009
I have always been a Mazz fan. Ans even though sorry for what happened to Joe, then i so back to what happened to me as a young girl. And it's not somethinbg to be proud off. There are so many PUTA's out there that they get off on and they choose innocent GIRLS. i dont know if you are guilty or innocent but God help you. And i loved your music also because beibg from the valley i could relate to Brownsville. God Bless You and your Family. And i Love Grupo Mazz!!!
how sad
written by Corina, May 19, 2009
how sad that Joe had to go to prison to find GOD. When he was living it up he would'nt even sing a song for GOD. God is good and forgiving and I am sure he will welcome Joe with open arms on his judgement day, but the fact still remains the fact. As for Jimmy , he is the bomb his music is a shadow of Joe's music but with Joe or without Jimmy G. would have and has prevailed! I bet he praises GOd everyday. Read the Bible carefully Joe. He who deny's me, deny's my father and he I will deny him... Querias Mas?
My Beloved Brother
written by Becky Perez, May 19, 2009
]Innocent to the end if anyone should know Joe Lopez its me, we have been brothers & sisters for 29 years and he now is only 9 miles from me. My family has always welcomed him in to our homes especially my parents we all love you dearly and as I have told you over & over you will be free. Thanks to all that believe in him & to all those who are helping to prove his innocents God Bless You All. He is only HUMAN with a BIG HEART so he have to love him.
written by Lin, May 18, 2009
I've always loved to hear Joe sing. I never even knew what he looked like - being from Louisiana way- just knew he could belt 'em out there. I've followed his story and from the get go I smelled a skunk with that little gal. I wish Mr. Lopez the best that he can have. Sometimes God lets us fall way down so that the only place we can look is up. Don't ever stop caring Mr. Lopez - because God doesn't ever stop.
True Friend
written by Adolfo Caballero, May 16, 2009
Que pasa Joe, I'am Frankie Caballero's oldist carnal, I just want to say that you have my entire familias prayers and we are behind you 100%. I was just a tag along with Frankie when he played with MAZZ, my carnal wanted some familia with him when MAZZ went on the road, Joe and the band made sure that I was a part of their band familia, the short time I spent with the group I got to know Joe and the rest of the band, first of all it was the best time I have ever had in my life, Joe always cared about everyone in his band and thier familias. So some of us do know the other side of this great artists, Joe off stage was a normal man who never forgot his fans and where he came from. Joe God Bless you and never lose faith.
written by EMILY GONZALES, May 14, 2009
Joe has talent and shouldn't be wasted and if can sing and is turning to Gospel then God Bless him.
I know as a Fan I would purchase his music Tejano/Gospel cause the MAN can sing. Good Luck I too even though it took prison to change you, but your'e not alone it took others to learn the hard way too and some they just don't time will tell.smilies/cool.gif
Joe's #1 fan in Kingsville, Texas
written by Sylvia Martinez, May 11, 2009
Dear Mr. Burr,
Thank you for the update on Joe Lopez and his address (I am going to write him as soon as I send you this message!). I have always believed he is innocent, and am glad that there is a movement out there working to prove this. Count me in, I will help, if I am able to. It is because of Joe Lopez, that I even listen to Tejano music. I really don't have time to write about that right now... but all I can tell Joe is to KEEP THE FAITH, things will get better. I am glad that your fans in there take care of you, just like your fans out here always have. I look forward to the day that we will be able to see you performing again! May God bless you, your #1 fan in Kingsville, Texas - Sylvia Martinez.
Okay. . .
written by Anonymous, May 10, 2009
People are always putting Joe down because of what everyone knew him as, but if you actually knew the true Joe, as in actually sit down and talk with the man, you would know how loving, caring, and down to earth this man was. Clearly Joe is innocent, you would know that if you took the time and actually read through all the facts. But, all I'm saying is that Joe was always a good person, no matter what he use to do, but him finding Christ only makes him a better person, and now that he's clean, it just makes him even better. I just think it's something from God, one of those things as people say, "everything happens for a reason."

God Bless you, Joe.
written by Leandra, May 08, 2009
God Bless You, Joe! My beautiful grandma always says que "nadie se va de este mundo sin pagar lo que debe". I pray that justice will be served and thank you for standing up for what you believe in, you may think that you are standing alone, but, in fact, you are not! I have always said that when you are granted justice, I will still be a fan and support you. QUE VIVE EL TEJANO!

written by annette gil, May 08, 2009
your so wrong
written by tg, May 08, 2009
In response to bm or is it vm , jimmy accomplished numerous grammys without joe. He was always the musical mastermind. Joe was just a voice and carita. Get your facts straight. I wish Joe the best and may god be with him!
True Friend
written by Ramon Chapa Jr, May 05, 2009
Thanks Ramiro and Ramon for the great work throughout the years. Thanks for update on the Greatest Singer in Tejano music history. Mazz was like a team with 2 great quaterbacks, Joe and Jimmy. I have many stories with them but, we all make mistakes. I am not one to judge but hope before I die I can onece again be with Joe and Jimmy and EL SUPER GRUPO MAZZ again. Keep up good work and thank you for the article and Joes address! RCJ
written by Beca, May 05, 2009
CHECK THIS OUT...............................
When we all were enjoying his great voice and music. We didn't care what type of person he was, nor do we give a crap about these tejano singers personal lives. We love their music and we pay to watch them play for us. We don't focus what they do when they are not on stage. Although most musicans love their groupies and that's a fact. I don't think they ID every single girl/woman they sleep with. THEY SHOULD... I didn't like this article cuz it didn't focus on his side of the story. If your going to write about him as a Music Icon than STICK to that.. If your going to try to do Lopez justice than try to write about how the legal system failed Lopez or how he failed himself.
Outstand Debts w No Bail Out
written by Ice Cubes, May 05, 2009
Todo se paga en esta vida. What greater example could Tejanos experience if not for the life and times of evil and good. The challenges an artist faces in any genere is calculated in the strength of resistance and commitment to his/her craft and not over indulge the human spirit with empowerment. Most fans seldom truly understand the real character of their hero artists so they forgive or over look the inhumane treatment played out by these elite egos - year after year. God made most of us in the same manner, with opportunities to learn right from wrong and with plenty of love in our hearts. It is up to us to live by true faith and not by sight alone. Todo se paga en esta vida conveys more than a message, these words resonate in the soul of good people living life without mal — that's what makes up our humanity.

Better to live life reflecting the years of hurt and pain that have been caused rather than return to earth to be memorialized and honored for what could have been.

Thanks Ramon for sharing your story to those who it matters.
written by JOHNNY TREVINO, May 05, 2009
written by v.m., May 05, 2009
may gob bless joe always...and jimmy pos he just uses joe's music cause without that he wood be nothing!!gone to too many concert and note that he only sings what joe and him put out together!!makes you wonder who your friends really are..joe will always win
written by Birdie Mcvaney, May 05, 2009
Thank you for the update on Joe, we sure do miss him and love him very much.
Keep us posted.

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