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Tears, anger, fear and sadness in Brownsville

(UPDATE: 3:12 p.m.
Sentence is in: 3 counts: 20, 4.5 and 8 -- for total of 32.5 years.
Prosecutors had asked for consecutive, not concurrent, sentences but the word is the sentences are to run concurrently. More details in a few minutes.)

The latest chapter in the Joe Lopez saga reached its climax at about 3 p.m. today when

a Brownsville jury announced his sentence of 20, 4.5 and 8 -- for total of 32.5 years.
Sentence details here:
Prison Time for Tejano Singer Joe Lopez

More gripping, shocking and sad testimony was revealed today in these new stories:
Jury Resumes Deliberating Fate of Tejano Singer Joe Lopez
Jury still out on Lopez sentencing; Singer's children plead for leniency; more alleged victims come forward
Singer's defense asks for probation

Radio stations, musicians and fans react:

Reaction at Tex-Mex radio has been mixed but so far no one has announced a boycott of Joe Lopez music.

DJs have held various informal public polls at KXTN-FM and other radio stations around Texas, but so far no stations have officially announced they are pulling Joe Lopez music.

At McAllen's huge KPPS-FM station Program Director Mando San Roman said fans may be divided on the man, but they love his music:

"We are definitely playing his music simply because it is music our listeners appreciate. And most said they feel the music has nothing to do with the crime."

San Roman said when the guilty verdict was announced last week, there were some people who called in asking why we were playing Lopez' music.

"But since then, I would say about 80-90 percent people were supportive of the music. Many said they that if he was found guilty, he would have to handle whatever he did and justice will be done, but they love the music of Lopez and Mazz."

San Antonio musicians and longtime Mazz fan Rod Nichols also had mixed feelings.

"The fact is, Lopez was a big part of the industry and his music was good, you can not deny that," he said. "But on the flip side, I can see why some people would feel that by playing the music, the stations are supportive of that lifestyle."


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whats wrong w/ joe?
written by dan figueroa, October 09, 2014

? 4 lorenzo
Hi! lorenzo, did u say
Were loosing joe?
Is he sick?
Sad and hopefull
written by Maria Rosana Gutierrez, March 02, 2012
It's nice to hear Joe is holding up even after every thing that has happened. I wish him the best and agree that God and his faith will help him through this time in his life. I still listen to all the older Mazz songs and their all very popular and will always be played. He is still an inspiration to musicians.
tears, anger, fear and sadness in Brownsville
written by Julia, January 23, 2012
I write to Joe often. He always writes back & truly loves his fans. I can read he tries to keep a positive attitude. I am so grateful to get to know him. It is a shame that people who he thought were his friends are no where to be around in his time of need. (Jimmy Gonzales) He helped create the sound of Mazz. Jimmy's web page says he did it alone! Let's just kick Joe under the bus! Shame on hiim! I have read many articles about the trial. There was evidence that was not admissible in court that might be allowed now. Joe is up for his final hearing and lawyers are not cheap. He has given all of us some wonderful memories with his music so we should stand by him and help during his time of need. I am making a contribution to help with attorney fees. They are not cheap and the family has been struggling with attorneys for years. This is Joes last chance and he needs us more than ever! Please Please donate to Joe Lopez Legal Defense Fund 7517 Boca Chica Blvd Brownsville Texas 78520 It is tax time and I know I have some extra $ to spare and i am not going to hesitate to donate. It is in my heart that it is the right thing to do. Thank you everyone. We love you Joe! It's time to come home!
written by pancho, January 15, 2012
"Tears, anger, fear and sadness in Brownsville"

but nobody has done a thing to help Joe. Where are all the creative lawyers now? Where are those who made it in the world with the help of El Movimiento? And what happen to Jimmy Gonzalez...not one benefit for his compadre. La Raza is still on survival mode...el que chingo, chingo! Muertos de ambre! Arrastrados! Yo aqui en Las Piskas!
written by juan castro, June 13, 2009
Thanks for keeping us informed

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