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Billboard Guide: What the Pros Are Saying:
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Billboard Guide: What the Pros Are Saying:

Rave Reviews for the fascinating The Billboard Guide To Tejano and Regional Mexican Music, by Ramiro Burr on New York publisher BillboardBooks, have come from artists, scholars, music industry leaders, media, record labels and fans:


"Tejano and Regional Mexican Music" by Ramiro Burr represents progress toward filling an

information gap in Tejano Music. The book measures up in terms of providing authoritative information about a subject that's near and dear to many Tejanos, but that has not been adequately documented. It's a fascinating look at Tejano Music by a contemporary writer who is connected to the musicians themselves, their handlers, promoters and to the members of the media who cover the subject on a daily basis. As a writer for the San Antonio Express News, Ramiro is uniquely placed to gather and then spread current information on the subject, and he did exactly that in his book. But he also provides a historical perspective. The book is a real source for today's generation and for those who follow. Thanks Ramiro.
It's great to see that "Tejano And Regional Mexican Music" is available on Amazon.com and that it can be easily accessed by the thousands of Tejanos all over the world who are hungry for this type of information."
-- Corpus Christi Caller-Times music reporter Rene Cabrera, March 24, 2000

Buy it (30 5-star reviews!):

Order an autographed copy by emailing: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

From scholars and academicians:

"Comprehensive, in-depth analysis...insightful essays...highly recommended."
--The Library Journal

"Indispensable reference tool...comprehensive coverage,...valuable addition to any reference collection."
-- Margo Guzman, Reference Librarian, SA Main Public Library

"Invaluable resource,...accurate, comprehensive, and timely resource."
-- Dr. Martha Fabrique, Our Lady of the Lake musicologist/Assist Prof. of Music

"A timely and unique book on one of the most important regional musics of Latin America. Concise and accurate, written in an elegant, no-frills prose easily accessible."
-- Manuel Pena, author of The Texas-Mexican Conjunto

"Wonderful resource to lay persons, specialists, music lovers in general."
-- Guadalupe San Miguel, history professor, University of Houston

From Grammy-winners and other Artists:

"Extremely informative and a must for all musicians as well."
-- Cesar Rosas, Grammy-winning Los Lobos/Los Super Seven guitarist

"Thoroughly documents our colorful music history. Detailed authenticity...amazing!"
-- Emilio, Tejano superstar

" Important because it shows our major contributions to American music."
-- Flaco Jimenez, 5-time Grammy-winning accordionist/Los Super Seven.

"Long overdue! Enlightens readers of the great musical pioneers."
-- Little Joe, Grammy-winning Tex-Mex pioneer

"The first important book of Tejano and Mexican music history. It's a good read and very well documented. Congratulations to Ramiro Burr for excellent work and research."
-- Gilberto Puente, requinto player of /Los Tres Reyes.

"An in-depth, accurate and sometimes controversial journey into what is Tejano music."
-- Gilbert Velasquez, record producer and Latin Breed guitarist

From influential music industry leaders:

"A valuable and important guide...to those discovering and rediscovering Latin music."
-- Michael Greene, Exe. Dir., Grammy Awards

"The most comprehensive book of this genre ever written. Wonderful and precise."
-- Jose Behar, president/CEO, EMI Latin records

"Finally a guide to music...emotional, powerful, poetic."
-- Chris Strachwitz, Arhoolie Records

"Magnificent book...skillfully combines facts and myths. Provocative, insightful."
-- Jerre Hall, VP, Barb Wire Records

"An American treasury...instantly indispensable."
-- Cameron Randle, VP/A&R, Hollywood Records

"Distilling 100 years of Mexican-American music, Ramiro Burr's masterful Billboard Guide to Tejano and regional Mexican Music is an important, timely contribution to the


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