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Javier Galvan: the next step beyond Fama
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Javier Galvan: the next step beyond Fama

Longtime Tex-Mex singer-songwriter Javier Galvan says he's ready to take the next step. And yes, that means going beyond his group Fama, after more than 24 years.

“The reason I am leaving

is to pursue ministry,” Galvan said Tuesday (9/15). “I feel like I put in 24 years with Fama and now I feel the tugging. That God is tugging me to pursue a fulltime ministry.”

Galvan said his ministry is non-denominational.

“We’ll minister across the board, to Catholics, Baptists, Pentecostals, anyone.”

And of course, music will factor in his ministry.

“We’ll be doing our ministry, but music will be a big part of our ministry. We’ll be giving people what the Word is all about. Whatever the people are going through, we’re going to try to give them hope, that's what God is all about.”

‘Jumpin Jess’ Rodriguez, veteran Houston-based booking agent/promoter said Galvan has many gifts.

"Javier has always stood out because of his gift of charisma, that’s what people connect to,” said Rodriguez. “He is also multi-talented, an excellent songwriter, good singer, speaker, and TV host.

“Also, he always looks young and he always makes sure his group keeps that fresh young look.”

Galvan’s last concert with Fama is this weekend.

At 3 p.m. this Saturday Galvan and Fama are playing at Market Square by the Alameda Museum as part of the festivities there. And on Saturday (9/19) night, Galvan/Fama is performing at the Una Noche de Inspiracion event in Sinton (28 miles north of Corpus Christi) at the JRM Convention Center.”

It obviously isn’t easy to say goodbye to a band that ran with the top groups during Tejano’s fantastic mid’90s run. Fama was one of the half dozen new exciting stars that helped fuel the popularity of Tejano beyond the American Southwest with classic hits such as “Ojitos Color Cafe,” “Boulevard de Suenos” and “Llorando.”

It must be bittersweet but Galvan seemed in good spirits Tuesday. He said he handed all group/ corporation legal rights and ownership of Fama over to John Barraza and Eddie Dominguez. Gabe Rivera of Corpus Christi is the new singer for Fama.

But as each door closes, a new path opens. Galvan says he is ready for the next level.

Fans can find out the details of how Fama formed in Houston in the late '80s and struggled to get to the top in Galvan's new documentary DVD “Un Dia A La Vez.” Galvan also has a new CD "Un Dia A La Vez."

“It is the story of how the group began, how I got involved with sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll and how God stepped in,” said Galvan.

Got any questions for Galvan/Fama? Send them to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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"The talented, unforgettable, and very photogenic, Javier Galvan will prove to be successful even as a solo artist."  Elizabeth Brackman, singer

"One small step for Javier, One Giant leap into Stardom.  - The Bird. He's got the looks, he's talented, great personality, a lot of Charisma, knows how to connect with the Public, and he's got an even Greater force behind him.  If you think he had success with Fama, just watch him now, He's on FIRE!! God bless y'all.."
The Birdman (el locutor # 2)

"Javier has always been a gracious guy, at least in my dealings with him over the years. He deserves credit for being a darn good songwriter and for demonstrating awesome staying power in a business that’s not easy to survive in.  Here’s wishing Javier the best of luck."
Rene Cabrera, Corpus Christi-based freelance writer

"In the book of Life, every person’s destiny is written for good


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