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Ruben Ramos on Grammy: 'fantastic feeling, grateful'

SAN ANTONIO -- Ruben Ramos is one of those guys you instantly like, the kind you pull for. He's personable, friendly, humble and honest. He's also a smooth singer, his husky vocals ingrained deeply in the rich tapestry that classic Tejano can be.

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His recent Grammy win was “long time overdue.”

Here at the downtown Cadillac Bar, we’re just hours away from the Grammy

 celebration/ CD Release Party for Ruben Ramos. Presented by Independent Functions and Latin Fusion TV, the party tonight spotlights Frank Gomez, Five Star Band, Hot Sauce, Hogg Shedd, Las Voces de Tejas, Elizabeth Brackman, Pete Astudillo, Jorge Alejandro, Rick Balderrama, Gabe Nieto, Chris Perez, and Victoria Acosta among others. There will be special guest appearances by actors Jesse Borrego and Danny de la Paz.

Ramos also hosted a special VIP acoustic set with his brother Joe and sister Inez.

We caught with Ramos Wednesday from his home in Austin.

So, how does it feel to win?

“It feels great. I was surprised because we have been nominated several times before, and now we finally won,” he said. “The music industry in Austin does not really embrace Tejano music like San Antonio, so I am really happy to be honored in San Antonio.
“On the Grammy, it was about time, you know.

“It was very exciting because we were there. But we didn’t want to get our hopes too high, thinking ‘ someone else is going to take it,’ you know?”

Ramos said it is a thrill he will never forget.

“We feel fantastic because it is one of the highest accolades for music, for musicians. To be among the top of the top. We saw Ricky Martin there, Madonna.”

So what does wining a Grammy actually mean to Ramos?

“It is awesome. It means I have reached one of my goals.. A goal that I have reaching for,…and now I want to reach for another Grammy, ha ha.”

And now what?

“Well, automatically you have strive to do better, which is what we do on each CD. As long as you keep striving, have some kind of goal, you keep living life longer, you have some meaning in life. So we’re going to keep trying to get better, better musicianship, better presentations.”

“I thank God for everything. It is one of the best feelingsto get recognized, it is an accomplishment.”

MORE details: Ruben Ramos to be honored by Independent Functions/Latin Fusion TV

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