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Ruben Ramos tribute: 'powerful, haunting,'
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Ruben Ramos tribute: 'powerful, haunting,'


Amazing, exciting, powerful, touching, sad, funny and ultimately haunting.

The Ruben Ramos Grammy tribute at the Cadillac Bar Thursday night was this and much more.

Details on the MTV Unplugged-style event: Ruben Ramos on Grammy win: 'fantastic feeling, grateful'

Amazing because of the incredible stories the Ramos family shared of going against the odds in poverty in rural Texas.


Touching, because of their struggle is something that all minorities

 can relate to..


Sad, because in their story, often times one's fate could sometimes be dictated by economic and political barriers


Funny, because sometimes even in hardship and pain, one can still find joy and laughter.


Haunting, because we were reminded that the quest to follow a dream in America, often comes at a steep price. There are sacrifices, struggles, pain and tears that are never forgotten.


Organizer Michael Arellano told the crowd the tribute was to recognize Ramos' Grammy achievement, perhaps "the most prestigious and coveted award in the music industry."


Ruben, brothers Joe, Alfonso and sister Inez shared personal memories Thursday.


The 45-minute acoustic session turned into an hour-plus revelation.

That was so much precious detail coming off the stage I could not keep up with it.


Ramos recalled his early childhood in Sugarland, the tiny rural community outside Houston as the family toiled in the fields as migrant workers.


Ramos grew up in a Mexican-American musical family that carried the tradition of Mexican boleros, cumbias and polkas. Yet, as a teenager in the mid- 1950s, Ramos developed an affinity for rock and pop .


"My first influences included Little Richard, Ray Charles, Fats Domino," he told the crowd.


Early on, Ramos had to compete against his own brothers for a chance to make it on his own.

He started as a teenager playing drums in older brother Alfonso's big band. He eventually sang lead


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