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Janies' Record Shop: new location, same great service

Yes,'s been more than two decades since Janies's Record Shop opened for service in San Antonio.

And now comes a time to change - locations. Janies' Record Shop Grand Opening is scheduled at

10 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 28.

After 20 years Mrs Janie Esparza has decided to relocate to a better facility.Grand opening 10a.m. Saturday, Nov. 28. Janie's Record Shop (Since 1985), 1012 Bandera Rd.

Also scheduled is an artist autograph/meet & greet: Rudy Palacios (11am-Noon); Raulito Navaira (Noon-1pm)l; Ram Herrera (1pm-2pm); Chente Barrera (2pm-3pm); Los Desperadoz (3pm-4pm); TexManiacs (4pm-430pm); Ricardo Castillon (430pm-5pm); Henry Rivas, Grupo Alamo, Percy Cardona and Miguel Hernandez (5pm-6pm)

Music by Los Banger Broz. (210) 735-2070


Don't miss this oportunity