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Home Music Newsflash Billboard Guide: Esteban Jordan
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(This insightful excerpt from the "Billboard Guide to Tejano and regional Mexican Music," by Ramiro Burr, Billboard Books, details Jordan's life and contributions.)

Born Feb. 23, 1939, Elsa, TX

Esteban Jordan always played his music the way he's lived his life -- free-spirited and adventureous, injecting the various elements of rock, jazz and blues into his basic conjunto, polka, and ranchera repertoire. Jordan mesmerizes audiences. He plays his accordion with such energy and intensity that he's often been called the Jimmy Hendrix of the accordion.

Jordan was one of 15 children in a family of

migrant farmworkers in the Rio Grand Valley. Jordan was blinded in his right eye when at birth, a midwife mistakenly dropped contaminated eye solution in his eyes. His black eye patch lead to the nickname "El Parche." The impairment left him at home often while his family worked in the fields.

Esteban Jordan: El Sabio del Acordeon
Tribute to Steve Jordan from Squeezebox Prince
Billboard Guide: Esteban Jordan
Esteban Jordan: accordion legend dead at 71

At 7, he learned to play the guitar and a year later picked up the accordion after he saw conjunto legend Valerio Longoria perform. Longoria often played for appreciative crop pickers in the labor camps of the migrant circuit. Jordan eventually learned to play 35 instruments. His first recording "Squeeze-box Man" was a big cross-over regional hit in the 1960s. Through the '60s and early '70s he played a rock-n-roll and jazz guitar with high ...

Read the rest of the bio in the "Billboard Guide to Tejano and regional Mexican Music,"  by Ramiro Burr, Billboard Books.
Billboard Guide to Tejano and regional Mexican Music:
Billboard Guide: What the Pros Are Saying:
Retroshot: Billboard Guide to regional Mexican/Tejano

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