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Fiesta Texas hosts Little Joe’s 2nd Annual Diabetes Fundraiser
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are already diabetic and avoid children from becoming diabetic.

Remember, as Dr. Treviño says, “You don’t catch diabetes, you develop diabetes.”

Last year Little Joe sang his heart out for his favorite cause at, but there were not enough people to support the cause. Nonetheless, this did not deter him from putting on one of his best-ever performances.
Like love, fundraisers are a two-way street. Both parties have to do their part. In this case, la raza didn’t return the love.

This year, the change in venue promises to translate into a win-win situation for everyone because one, the ticket price, $32.95, is cheaper than the normal park admission. Besides getting to do all the rides, this includes a free health fair and a free concert. Season pass holders, of course can come in without having to pay one additional cent.

Best of all, Fiesta Texas will donate a portion of the admissions to the Social and Health Research Center.
Showtime at Lil’s Amphitheater is 2 p.m. Each artist will be accompanied by their own bands, and Treviño will have the addition of Max Baca and David Farías.

Furthermore, Little Joe is asking other bands that wish to participate in this fundraiser to please call Jones at (210) 274-0089 so they can be added to the roster of performers.

Readers can order their tickets for this Sunday’s show via

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