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AXE: playing for U.S. Soldiers in Iraq "life-changing'
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over a major battle – the Battle of TQ, “where on that day U.S. marines died, and Taliban fighters died,” Benhagel said.

“The whole experience can be life-changing for anyone who’s ever been out there,” he said.

The rest of Axe is Bobby Harris, vocalist and original member; David Landis, guitar; Paul Bryon, keyboardist; Gerald Burger, bass; and Scott Miesner, drums.

The Killer Chihuahuas are a San Antonio-based rock group led by guitar player Rick Mejia, former member of 80’s rock group Overdrive.

The Killer Chihuahuas performing on Saturday will include Javier (Wiesel) Portillo on drums, Five Star Band leader Rene Garcia on lead vocals, and Q-VO member Toby Torres on bass.

The concert Saturday is being presented by Orlando Velasquez and his OV Productions crew.


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