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Tex-Mex Showcase at Cadillac Bar
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One of the reliable good things about the annual TMA Fanfair, is the number of solid showcases around town. Seems record labels and small indies get the idea to showcase their groups while a lot of folks are in town.

This year, one of the most promising is the Tex-Mex Records Showcase on Thursday March 17 featuring Xelencia, Retono, Dezeo Tex-Mex Kadillaks and Ricky Guzman III & the

The showcase is scheduled at the Cadillac Bar, 212

 S. Flores. Tickets are $10.

The Ricky Guzman group is lead by young and talented Ricky Guzman III.

The band's new debut CD is titled “Antes De Que Te Vayas” which easily showcases the group's solid musical chops. Most of the members have been part of other solid groups such as Carlos Guzman, Fandango USA, Roberto Pulido, Bobby Pulido, Laura Canales, Palomo, Romance, Los Badd Boyz Del Valle and Ricardo Guzman Jr. Y Los Tres Aces. 

Meanwhile, Retono is another promising up-coming, young sensational group in Latin music. rRtono plays a hybrid of Tex-Mex and Norteño. The group is made up of brothers Samuel Jr.,
Salomon & Pablo Ramos, along with their cousin Armando Ramos Villela.

Xelencia should be familiar to Tejano fans, as the group kicked off their career some 20 years ago. Led by singer/guitarist David DeAnda and music director/producer Lorenzo “Papo” Banda, Xelencia is touring with renewed enegrey.

And Dezeo is another new


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