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Home Music Newsflash The Voice Behind La Pura Sabrosura
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The Voice Behind La Pura Sabrosura
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(Yes, it's true - Javier Olivares is dead at 57 Victim of a long bout with stomach cancer. Our correspondent Ramon Hernandez files thiis report and photos on the death of a famed musician.) 
Why does it take the death of a vocalist whose voice carries the group, but whose fame falls under the umbrella of the bandleaders, to finally become recognized?
Such is the case of Javier Olivares, the voice of La Pura Sabrosura. For years, countless of bands covered “Juana La Cubana,” “La Gallina,” “El Colesterol” plus countless other hits, but each time we heard them on the radio or
announced at clubs, it was always the latest hit by Fito Olivares. No radio disc jockey or mobile DJ ever mentioned that the singer that interpreted all those hits was Fito’s brother and drummer.
Other commercial breakthroughs were “La Negra Catalina,” “Aguita de Melon,” “La Ranita” and countless others.
Fito, whose real name is Rodolfo, wrote all those best-selling records and his saxophone drove La Sabruosura’s. Brother Jaimé augmented Fito’s saxophone on keyboards, but it was Javier who sang the songs and whose voice dominated radio airwaves. 
Javier, was born in Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico on April 26, 1954, but was a long-time resident of Pasadena, Texas where most of the family now lives
The Olivares brothers, Javier, Jaimé and Fito relocated to Houston in 1977 and formed La Pura Sabrosura in 1980. But it was not until the late 1980s that they started to enjoy great success. And for the record, their other brother Joél, was never a part of the group, but Javier’s son, Miguel Martín, has been the group’s percussionist for over a year.
Javier had been

 hospitalized for two months and it was after surgery to treat stomach cancer that he passed away peacefully on Sunday, June 10 at age 57.
As is life, the show must go on and on Friday, June 22, La Pura Sabrosura performed at Graham Central Station in a concert dedicated to Javier’s memory with Fito Olivares Jr. replacing his uncle on drums and Eagle Pass-native Adrian Díaz was introduced as the new voice for the group.
To book La Pura Sabrosura, call Miguel Ángel Aguilar at (210) 978-2310.

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written by Yocel Alonso, July 08, 2012
Your terrific piece on Javier Olivares only fails to mention that his greatness as a musician was surpassed by his warmth, unselfishness, and affability. Many artists claim to be modest and even shy, but Javier was the real deal, and one of the kindest human beings I have been honored to know. You get a peek at his terrific sense of humor in the songs he sang, which Fito wrote with Javier's voice in mind. Together, Javier, Fito, Jaime and brother in law Jacinto, were a musical juggernaut, so much so that Billboard correspondent Ramiro Burr correctly named them one of the 10 most influential Latino artists of the 20th Century. This was amazing in light of the fact that, while they never turned down a photograph or autograph request, they were never self-promoters, really and truly letting the music speak for itself.
Believe it or not, after 30 musical years together, the bond between the Olivares brothers was as strong as over. In their case, family really did always come first and always. Sounds too good to be true? Then, unfortunately, you've never met the brothers.
Surely one of the best vocalists of his time, Javier's unhurtful, gentle soul has been a precious gift to the great melodious spirit that united the oneness of us all.

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