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Buzz with Burr 7 /9
Black Sabbath
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The news in the Buzz with Burr could be called rock and rage - again - now it's Black Sabbath and AC/DC

Black Sabbath

First Black Sabbath.

According to the LA Times, when Black Sabbath recently reunited, including longtime singer Ozzy Osbourne, original drummer Bill Ward said he couldn't join the band because of financial obligations - whatever that means.

Anyway, when the band went on tour with another drummer, Ozzy took several shots at Ward, saying he was too fat and out of shape to join the band. Ward blew Ozzy off, saying Ozzy was just being his crazy self.

But on August 15, Ward will host the West Coast premiere of his fine art exhibition titled "Absence Of Corners", a collection of 15 abstract works created from Ward's drum performance.

The "Absence Of Corners" exhibition is a special limited engagement and only hangs at Fathom in downtown Los Angeles through August 29.

Ward also recently released his first solo album in 18 years titled "Accountable Beasts", and the record can be purchased on iTunes.

Now, we move to AC/DC

You will recall a few weeks ago, 


Latin Breed "Tejano Enamorado"

Who wrote Latin Breed's "El Tejano Enamorado," perhaps the national anthem of Tejano?


Mexican music fans of every stripe are in mourning at the passing of two of the country's music giants. Internationally recognized singer/songwriter Roberto Cantoral and norteno pioneer Miguel Luna passed on two days ago.

Cantoral was famous for the classic boleros “El Reloj,” “la Barca, and “El Triste,” while Luna was one half of the seminal norteno duo El Palomo y el Gorrion which scored with standard hits such as "Ingratos ojos míos," "En toda la chapa" and "Elisa."

Cantoral, who was also the long running president of SACM , Mexico’s songwriters and composers group, died of

Don't miss this oportunity

The Ramiro Polls

In what year did Ramiro Herrera join David Lee Garza as his lead singer?

Top 10

BNetRadio Tejano Top 20

Top 20 list at Bnet

1 Quedemos Mos Como Amigos Michael Salgado/Elida Reyna - Freddie
2 Ahora Que Roberto Pulido - Sniper
3 Llego Borracho Joe Bravo w/Avizo - Powerhouse
4 Contigo Rey Reyna


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