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Former Deep Purple and Rainbow lead singer Joe Lynn Turner headlines the Classic Summer Rockfest show Saturday (August 20) at the Cadillac Bar.


Turner, known for several rock hits including Rainbow's single "I surrender," will be joined by Blackfoot, Séance, Target 7 and Blue Sunday. The show will also include a Dokken Tribute with the band Breaking the Chains.

Turner will take the mainstage at 10 p.m. sharp said promoter Ori Velasquez

Doors open at 5:30 p.m. and music starts at 6 p.m. Tickets are $25 presale and $30 at the door.  Tickets on sale at Flipside, Herb’s Hut and the Cadillac Bar, 212 S. Flores. The concert is a 21 years old and over only show. Promoters are offering a Meet and Greet session - scheduled at 11:30 p.m. - with the artists including autographed posters for $40 for the first 50 fans. Meet/Greet tickets will be available at the door.

The show is being presented by OV Productions, which presented Frank Marino at the Cadillac and Rick Sanford(former vocalist for Legs Diamond at the Road House Saloon both in 2010.

Turner was the singer for Rainbow from 1980 to 1984.

Back in April, Deep Purple was among the bands inducted 

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With a rhythmic sound and youthful energy, La Clave De Chihuahua has started to gain popularity in the regional Mexican music field. Now they’re touring with the likes of Ramon Ayala and La Sonora Dinamita.

La Clave is ona 5 city tour of Texas this week, including a May 10 stop in San Antonio at Arjons International Club, 8736 Tesoro. Showtime is 9 p.m. , doors open at 8 p.m. Pre-sale tickets can be obtained by calling 210-912-9732. May 10 is Mother's day in Mexico and a big traditional family day.

The group began 12 years ago when Eunice and Fabricio, who were not only in love but also loved cumbia music. The couple would sing at area nightclubs and bars around the city of  Chihuahua. Eventually they got additional members and La Clave de Chihuahua was born.

A graduate of the then Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico, Fabrizio came up with the band’s name, referring to the heights they hoped to achieve in the cumbia genre.

Two weeks ago, the band toured Toluca, Guadalajara and Mexico City, where they were featured in area TV and radio stations as well as newspapers.

The band has gained

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3 Doors Down on U.S. tour, new CD coming
3 Doors Down
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(Flashback - 12 years ago, 3 Doors Down were one of the hottest groups on the horizon. Here's an interview on the eve of their San Antonio show back in 2003. The group's upcoming CD is titled "Us and Tonight and set for release later this fall.) 

By RAMIRO BURR 9-12-2003
When 3 Doors Down blew on the scene seemingly out of where in 2000 with the smash single "Kryptonite," 

the group members were rookies says guitarist Chris Henderson.

 Rookies, at least, in the studio. 

 “In the first album we didn’t really know what to do,” Henderson said. “We didn’t know how to approach making a record, but now we know how to approach making a record.”

“Kryptonite” came from the same six million-plus selling album “The Better Life” that also yielded radio hits like "Loser" and "Be Like That."

3 Doors Down headlines a show tonight at Sunken Garden Theater. Opening is Seether and Our Lady Peace. Tickets are $28.50 through Ticketmaster.

    The band is touring behind their follow-up CD “Away from the Sun.” 


       “This one (new CD) is definitely crawling along compared to the other one but not every record can sell like a Britney Spears record, you know,” Henderson said. “I don’t care one way or the other. I just want to eat at the end of the day. I just want to…feel in my heart that I’ve done a good job and I feel that I have.”




       With the rapid success of the  first album the band had little time to adjust and develop as songwriters, said Henderson.

       “But on this album we definitely grew as songwriters and I think together as a band. Playing together onstage for two years, you kind of learn what each other are thinking, so to speak,” he said.

        “It made it easy for us to write this record and this is the direction that the band wanted to go naturally. We didn’t just sit down and say we’re going to write softer music or harder music, or write about this or that. Nobody talked about what it was going to be about. It just happened. I think that’s where we grew. The songwriting is different, the guitar playing is much better, the recording process was a lot better, we had a 100% more input than we did on the first one.”

      Several tunes off the new CD have landed on the charts including the hit single title track, “When I’m Gone,” “The Road I’m On,” and the new single “Here Without You.”

      “ `Here without You’ is about being away from the things that you hold special to you. The things that you take for granted. For me it’s my family, being away from them so much. When I’m on the road, I’m always thinking about my wife, my kids, or whatever. That’s kind of how that song came about. Brad feels the same way. He’s missing his mom, his wife, his house—that’s what inspired that song.”

       The band – which includes vocalist/drummer Brad Arnold; guitarist Matt Roberts; bassist Todd Harrell and new drummer Daniel Adair - toured for two years after “The Better Life” and the current tour ends later this year.

     After that, says Henderson the band is ready for a break – and then back to the studio.

     “Yeah, we got to have a break, we’d go crazy if we didn’t,” he said. “I want to produce records during the break. I’ve got enough bands to keep me busy for two years. I’m still going to work. I’m a workaholic.”

      He said working with other groups feeds his creative juices.
      “It definitely gives me new ideas. It broadens my horizons, so to speak. It keeps everything new and fresh. So I’m looking forward to it.

      “But breaks are important because you go crazy out here— you keep pushing yourself and pushing yourself. The roads a hard place to make a living, people don’t realize. There’s a lot of guys that work construction on the road, they can relate. Those kinds of guys that travel for a living, they can relate.

      “But when you travel as much as we do, it really takes a lot out of you. And if you try to travel and work and have a good time at the same time, it just kind of makes your body want to shut down after a couple of weeks.”

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Buzz with Burr 7 /9
Black Sabbath
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The news in the Buzz with Burr could be called rock and rage - again - now it's Black Sabbath and AC/DC

Black Sabbath

First Black Sabbath.

According to the LA Times, when Black Sabbath recently reunited, including longtime singer Ozzy Osbourne, original drummer Bill Ward said he couldn't join the band because of financial obligations - whatever that means.

Anyway, when the band went on tour with another drummer, Ozzy took several shots at Ward, saying he was too fat and out of shape to join the band. Ward blew Ozzy off, saying Ozzy was just being his crazy self.

But on August 15, Ward will host the West Coast premiere of his fine art exhibition titled "Absence Of Corners", a collection of 15 abstract works created from Ward's drum performance.

The "Absence Of Corners" exhibition is a special limited engagement and only hangs at Fathom in downtown Los Angeles through August 29.

Ward also recently released his first solo album in 18 years titled "Accountable Beasts", and the record can be purchased on iTunes.

Now, we move to AC/DC

You will recall a few weeks ago, 

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd pleaded guilty in a New Zealand court, to a charge of threatening to kill a man who used to work for him. CNN reported that Rudd also pleaded guilty to possessing methamphetamine and marijuana.

Well now the judge in the case has sentenced Rudd to eight months in house detention for drug possession and making threats to kill.

Australian-born Rudd, who is 61, had originally denied the charges but changed his plea in April.

His sentence will be served at his beachfront home in Tauranga, with Judge Thomas Ingram warning he would be face jail if he breached the conditions

To add insult to injury the judge berated Rudd's drumming abilities.

When Rudds attorneys asked the judge for leniency, they pointed out that Rudd was a top drummer and needed to be free to rejoin AC/DC on tour.

"Some of the affidavit material put before me suggests that you are integral to the band's sound" said Judge Ingram.

"That point doesn't persuade me completely. Queen have replaced Freddie Mercury and it's clear that the AC/DC band is currently touring without you."

Rudd is not currently a member of AC/DC, and has not been invited to join them on their tour of New Zealand and Australia later this year.

And in upcoming shows

at the Tobin Center, we have Keith Sweat, July 10, REO Speedwagon, Jul 12, Majestic Theatre, Smashing Pumpkins with Marilyn Manson, Exposition Center, July 18, Pat Benatar and Niel Giraldo July 20, Jackson Browne, Oct 20, Styx, Oct 14, Majestic Theatre.


And that is it for this week  - we'll catch everybody next week on the Buzz with Burr


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(Tragedy never fails to stun and shock us when it comes. In this case, the late great Lionel Pulido. Our correspondent Ramon Hernandez files this report and photos on the death of a famed musician.)
How does a family handle so many deaths?
“The first to pass on was Leonel’s brother Luz, then his brother Martín. Martín was only 45 and Leonel took it real hard,” a grief-stricken (José) Roberto “El Primo” Pulido said in a telephone call to this writer following the burial services for his uncle Leonel Pulido.
“Those were followed by the death of 
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Latin Breed "Tejano Enamorado"

Who wrote Latin Breed's "El Tejano Enamorado," perhaps the national anthem of Tejano?


Yes, it’s Fiesta time and also time for those ‘Nowhere-else-but-San-Antonio’ moments.

Family festivals everywhere, parades, and outdoor music and dance – and lots of sweet mouth-watering smell of gorditas, chalupasand onion-wrapped fajitas sizzling on the grill wafting through the air. 

The Tejano Explosion 2011 has all of that. And though it is

Don't miss this oportunity

The Ramiro Polls

In what year did Ramiro Herrera join David Lee Garza as his lead singer?

Top 10

BNetRadio Tejano Top 20

Top 20 list at Bnet

1 Quedemos Mos Como Amigos Michael Salgado/Elida Reyna - Freddie
2 Ahora Que Roberto Pulido - Sniper
3 Llego Borracho Joe Bravo w/Avizo - Powerhouse
4 Contigo Rey Reyna