Monday, 24 November 2008 10:59
"Transporter 3" - Nov. 26

When something works, you stick with it.
At least that's the formula in sports but it can also be adapted to the movies.
Take"Transporter 3," with Jason Statham.

Statham returns as the top guy, Frank Martin an ex-Special Forces man turned superhero of sorts. The usual amenities are in abundance - special weapons,  knock-em-down force, fast action and insane driving skills.

This time Frank travels to scenic Marseilles and Odessa. The plot serves mostly to showcase Frank's (Statham) action hero talents, perseverence and attitude.

if you're a diehard Statham/Transporter fan you'll dig this. If you're a casual fan, wait for the DVD.

According to the official film synopsis:

"Transporter 3" (2008)

Frank Martin has been pressured into transporting Valentina, the kidnapped daughter of Leonid Vasilev, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency for the Ukraine, from Marseilles through Stuttgart and Budapest until he ends up in Odessa on the Black Sea.


Along the way, with the help of Inspector Tarconi, Frank has to contend with the people who strong armed him to take the job, agents sent by Vasilev to intercept him, and the general non-cooperation of his passenger.


Despite Valentina’s cynical disposition and his resistance to get involved, Frank and Valentina fall for each other, while escaping from one life-threatening situation after another.

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