Saturday, 29 November 2008 18:25

Boni Mauricio: CD, a new step 

Boni Mauricio is one of the Corpus Christi-based conjunto/Tejano groups that while not making major waves, has maintained a steady output.

Mauricio may sound like a new name for some but the accordionist has a long history, as a studio musician and also member of several groups such as Cthe Hometown Boys and Mingo Saldivar.

Our Corpus Christi correspondent Rene Cabrera had a close revealing interview with Mauricio in this report on his latest CD.

You might say that Boni Mauricio has paid his dues to conjunto.  Out of Corpus Christi, the accordionist has entertained fans as a member of such familiar names as Grupo Badd, Conjunto Madrigal, Hometown Boys and Mingo Saldivar.  

In August Mauricio and his group, Los Maximos released another album for Hacienda Records.  This one is called “Living On The Edge” and it’s another collection of well-known, and some not so well known tunes, that nonetheless articulate the human experience with regard to conjunto culture. 

Listening to the 12, mostly tacquachito-style cuts, you can’t help but imagine a dancehall scene with all its shades of good and bad, of music and dancing, and drinking and cheating and conceivably regret for doing all that.

As in past albums, Mauricio packs this one with evocative tunes like “A Media De La Noche,” “La Barca De Oro,” and “Yo Y Mi Botella.”  “Tu Nuevo Carino,” a tune that boasts some catchy lines …… “no soy pobre,  no soy rico, pero si soy de verguenza,”   vividly elaborates on the “enough already – leave me alone,” theme.

Although this is Mauricio’s sixth for Hacienda, the album is noteworthy for other, more personal reasons. This is the first album that Mauricio has produced while not under the influence of alcohol.  And that personal battle is reflected in the album title. It turns out that Mauricio was telling Hacienda Producer Rick Garcia about his experiences with drugs and drinking during a recording session.  “After listening to me talk for awhile, Rick just looked at me and said, ‘you really lived on the edge.’ We both thought that he nailed it.  And we both liked that phrase for the title of the CD we were working on,” said Mauricio. 

“I’m still living on the edge, but at a different level.  At this point, I’m just holding on and trying to keep from falling back into my old habits,” he said. “Music has been my life,” he added.  “But with that life came the drugs and the drinking, some bad experiences and some bad decisions.  But now I’m fighting those demons.  I have been sober and clean for eight months and I hope to keep it that way.”

Incidentally, Boni Mauricio is now wearing a producer hat for Hacienda.  He’s currently producing an album with a group called the D Boys.

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