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Elizabeth: new CD varied, versatile Elizabeth

Working as an elementary school teacher by day and as a ballad performer by night isn’t easy says singer/songwriter Elizabeth.

But despite the sacrifices and hard work, she said singing brings 

 its own reward.

“The long hours  in the studio and long nights away from my family were difficult and cumbersome,” she said. “But when I see the reaction by fans and family to my music, that’s what makes it all worthwhile.”

Elizabeth is touring behind her debut CD, titled “Siempre,” a varied and versatile mix of cumbias, rancheras, polkas and ballads.Elizabeth

Elizabeth is performing at 9 p.m. this Friday, Dec. 5 at the Cadillac Bar.

The first single from the CD, released on the independent Soleil Discos, is titled “Nada De ti,” an upbeat cumbia which kicks off with a sizzling trumpet solo by Elizabeth. The song, released to radio recently, was written by George Tamayo. The lyrics describe a defiant woman ready to walk away from a relationship gone south. Elizabeth incorporated the talents of several top-notch songwriters including Beto Ramon and Luis Valenzi, and she also wrote the title track.

The singer enlisted the engineering skills of multiple Grammy winning producer Gilbert Velasquez and the album was recorded at the famed Velasquez Studio. She also recruited special musical guests on the CD including Hugo Guerrero on keyboards, Chente Barrera on drums, A.J. Castillo on accordion and Jorge Alejandro on percussion.

The biggest challenge in the studio, says Elizabeth, was enduring long recording sessions.

“The most difficult part was having patience. I have learned that patience is definitely a virtue one must have when completing a project of this magnitude,” she said.  “As an artist, there is money invested in a record production and it is often difficult to wait for the final product. But you can’t rush someone’s ‘creativity’.

“I guess you can, but you won’t receive the artist’s true genius. How long did it take for Michaelangelo to paint the chapel? How about the artists who hand-carved Mount Rushmore?  Artistry takes time whether you are a painter, song-writer, singer, sculptor, or music producer.”

While new talent is always emerging in every genre, Elizabeth is amazing artist on several levels. She is a natural beauty with a big-smile exuberance who combines smooth and distinctive vocals, impressive trumpet-playing and an energetic, vivacious personality. As a singer, she evokes echoes of Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Olga Tañon.

In a moment of winning inspiration, Elizabeth also produced “Latina Sexy,” an intriguing instrumental remake of the classic “Yo Soy Chicano,” which showcases her fiery trumpet-playing.

While Elizabeth may be new to Tex-Mex music fans, she has been performing since she was 10 years old. Her notable resume includes a lengthy stint with Central Texas’s legendary reggae-pop group the Trinidad Panmasters.

Elizabeth’s musical dreams are also following a rich musical heritage and family tradition. Elizabeth’s late grandmother, Tomasita Flores Garcia, sang beautiful harmonies with Los Hermanos Aguilar and her great-grandfather Anastacio Garcia played accordion in several San Antonio conjuntos. Her maternal great-grandfather Brackman played accordion and met a beautiful Belgium singer, Josephine and they entertained European immigrants on their ship en route to the United States.

Elizabeth was also inspired by her uncles Clemente and Roger Garcia who played the trumpet under the direction of John Pearson.

Elizabeth was also part of the all-star “Jerry De La Rosa Tribute” CD project released last August that featured Ruben Ramos, Little Joe, David Marez, Ramiro Herrera and a dozen other artists.

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