Tuesday, 09 December 2008 01:45

Emilio on road to recovery after relapse

Emilio is resting in stable condition at a San Antonio hospital after undergoing brain surgery last week says his brother, Raul (left)l.

He told KSAT-TV that Emilio had entered the hospital after complaining

of pain and some swelling on the side of his head.

Raul added that his brother had been making steady progress

 in his rehab and recovery from serious head trauma sustained in a bus crash near Houston on Easter Sunday.

"He was fine," Raul Navaira was quoted. "He was already starting to run. (He would) jog a mile, mile and a half a day."

But then there was a complication.

"You could tell he was getting weaker and there were some days he didn't want to run," he said.

Still, Raul added that the family was grateful onEmilio'srecovering and the thousands of well-wishers and fans and their support.

"There's not a day that I don't go anywhere -- to the store to put gas -- where ever I have to go -- someone is always there saying: 'We're praying for your brother. We're praying for your family.' And it just feels so good," Raul Navaira told KSAT-TV,

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