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Author/Syndicated columnist/Reporter/Professional Speaker

Looking for an exciting speaker with provocative and compelling insights into music, journalism, culture and the arts? Music reporter and BillboardBooks author Ramiro Burr has the credentials and the experience for an intriguing insider's look at these hot news topics. With more than 16 years as a reporter, music critic, columnist and author, Burr provides incisive, sometimes hard-hitting, but always amusing perspectives that challenge universal truths with philosophical questions.

The Topics (in detail)
From questions of identity and culture to thought-provoking analysis of personal ambitions, social norms, and chasing the elusive higher plane, Burr likes to involve audiences in the road to self-discovery, going beyond the heat of controversy to the light of understanding:

What does it take to write a book The Urgency of Literacy The Purpose of Music Selena's Impact & Legacy The Latino Music Explosion The Decay of American Pop Culture The Politics of Modern Journalism Insider Tips to writing Great Reviews The Importance of the Arts Narcocorridos: Mexico’s Most Subversive Export The Ricky Martin Phenomenon Newsroom Diversity

What does it take to be a reporter? 

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An experienced reporter, syndicated columnist, author and speaker, Ramiro Burr has gained compelling perspectives in the world of art, culture, music and journalism.

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