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Billboard Guide: What the Pros Are Saying:

Rave Reviews for the fascinating The Billboard Guide To Tejano and Regional Mexican Music, by Ramiro Burr on New York publisher BillboardBooks, have come from artists, scholars, music industry leaders, media, record labels and fans:


"Tejano and Regional Mexican Music" by Ramiro Burr represents progress toward filling an

information gap in Tejano Music. The book measures up in terms of providing authoritative information about a subject that's near and dear to many Tejanos, but that has not been adequately documented. It's a fascinating look at Tejano Music by a contemporary writer who is connected to the musicians themselves, their handlers, promoters and to the members of the media who cover the subject on a daily basis. As a writer for the San Antonio Express News, Ramiro is uniquely placed to gather and then spread current information on the subject, and he did exactly that in his book. But he also provides a historical perspective. The book is a real source for today's generation and for those who follow. Thanks Ramiro.
It's great to see that "Tejano And Regional Mexican Music" is available on and that it can be easily accessed by the thousands of Tejanos all over the world who are hungry for this type of information."
-- Corpus Christi Caller-Times music reporter Rene Cabrera, March 24, 2000

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From scholars and academicians:

"Comprehensive, in-depth analysis...insightful essays...highly recommended."
--The Library Journal

"Indispensable reference tool...comprehensive coverage,...valuable addition to any reference collection."
-- Margo Guzman, Reference Librarian, SA Main Public Library

"Invaluable resource,...accurate, comprehensive, and timely resource."
-- Dr. Martha Fabrique, Our Lady of the Lake musicologist/Assist Prof. of Music

"A timely and unique book on one of the most important regional musics of Latin America. Concise and accurate, written in an elegant, no-frills prose easily accessible."
-- Manuel Pena, author of The Texas-Mexican Conjunto

"Wonderful resource to lay persons, specialists, music lovers in general."
-- Guadalupe San Miguel, history professor, University of Houston

From Grammy-winners and other Artists:

"Extremely informative and a must for all musicians as well."
-- Cesar Rosas, Grammy-winning Los Lobos/Los Super Seven guitarist

"Thoroughly documents our colorful music history. Detailed authenticity...amazing!"
-- Emilio, Tejano superstar

" Important because it shows our major contributions to American music."
-- Flaco Jimenez, 5-time Grammy-winning accordionist/Los Super Seven.

"Long overdue! Enlightens readers of the great musical pioneers."
-- Little Joe, Grammy-winning Tex-Mex pioneer

"The first important book of Tejano and Mexican music history. It's a good read and very well documented. Congratulations to Ramiro Burr for excellent work and research."
-- Gilberto Puente, requinto player of /Los Tres Reyes.

"An in-depth, accurate and sometimes controversial journey into what is Tejano music."
-- Gilbert Velasquez, record producer and Latin Breed guitarist

From influential music industry leaders:

"A valuable and important those discovering and rediscovering Latin music."
-- Michael Greene, Exe. Dir., Grammy Awards

"The most comprehensive book of this genre ever written. Wonderful and precise."
-- Jose Behar, president/CEO, EMI Latin records

"Finally a guide to music...emotional, powerful, poetic."
-- Chris Strachwitz, Arhoolie Records

"Magnificent book...skillfully combines facts and myths. Provocative, insightful."
-- Jerre Hall, VP, Barb Wire Records

"An American treasury...instantly indispensable."
-- Cameron Randle, VP/A&R, Hollywood Records

"Distilling 100 years of Mexican-American music, Ramiro Burr's masterful Billboard Guide to Tejano and regional Mexican Music is an important, timely contribution to the

art and business of Latin music.''
-- Casey Monahan, Texas Music Office

"Essential reference book for anyone in the ever expanding music business."
-- Jose Rosario, VP/A&R Sony Discos

From mainstream media and music industry press:

"Invaluable resource...for longtime fans and journalists who have followed this music."
-- Los Angeles Times

"Long-awaited sourcebook, organized in easy-to-use format, succinct but revealing biographies. A resource book for all in the music industry who are fascinated by the rise of this market."
"Complete and comprehensive. Recommended reading. Great glossary."
-- Dallas Morning News

"Invaluable tool,...Indispensable for anyone ... to understand Latin culture in the U.S."
-- Miami Herald

"An authoritative, important and essential guide to music that needs exposure."
-- Gary Graff, award-winning editor of "Musichound Rock."

"Exhaustive Who's Who of stars, past and present."
-- Texas Monthly

"If you have been recently seduced by conjunto, or consider yourself a connoisseur, you need this book."
-- Ray Suarez, host of NPR's "Talk of the Nation"

"Music critic Ramiro Burr's encyclopedic overview of it indispensable. Burr begins with a historical synopsis charting Tejano music from its 1930s origins to its 1995 death-of-Selena apex, followed by a too-short chapter titled "The Cultural Impact of Tejano." The meat of the volume, however, is Burr's 300 or so arduously researched entries on Mexican-American music's most significant acts, instruments, and styles--including such unexpected crossovers as Vikki Carr and Eydie Gorme. Emotionally charged."
--Richard Gehr,

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More accolades and noteworthy acknowledgements:

"You must do yourself a favor and buy this book if you like Tejano, norteno, conjunto, banda or grupero music. You must buy the book whether you are a novice who wants to learn what the above terms mean or an expert who knows what the above mean but want to learn the history and the future of this music. Ramiro's book is easy to read and covers almost all of the bands who work in these genres. I really liked Ramiro's top ten lists, they alone provide a good overview of Tejano, norteno and conjunto music. As a DJ, I am familiar with many of the bands. I was looking for any news on Brown Express, a Tejano band of the seventies. I found out the group no longer performs because tragically, the lead singer, Chavela, died during a photo shoot for a Tigres Del Norte record. Gracias Ramiro"
-- DJ Javier, Sabor Latino from Tucson, Arizona Feb. 28, 2000

"Mr. Burr, you have a great responsibility to the Latin music world. You have been given something great to do. They say to those who is given much is expected have given alot. Thank you. Your book is simply the best. Maybe the only ever of its kind. It allowed me to connect with the musicians my dad told me about (i.e., Sonny and the Sunliners). God Bless you and yours."
-- La Tejana Urbana (TM) 1994 }

"The Billboard Guide is important because it is the first to thoroughly document the contributions of Mexican American musicians in this country. We are all Americanos, but up until now the only encyclopedias and reference books on American music have been dedicated to jazz, blues, or rock. Now finally, we have the first sourcebook on the rich history of Mexican and Mexican American music.''
-- Edward James Olmos, actor

"Great work. With this book in your hands, your search for a secret of the genre's popularity and the cultural importance will be completed. So, I would like to order a ornamented sheepskin-binded version soon."
-- Kenji "El Gato" Katsube, accordionist/vocalist of Los Gatos/Conjunto J

"Burr's book on Tejano Music is written with the savoir faire of a writer who was at ground zero of the Tejano music explosion, and who has been on the beat and keeping up with the genre for years. The bulk of "The Billboard Guide to Tejano and Regional Mexican Music" is written in encyclopedia format, covering Accordion through Zimmerle, but a meaty section that discusses the development and progression of Tejano Music and Regional Mexican Music to contemporary times is very informative."
-- Rene Cabrera, Corpus Christi Caller-Times music columnist

"Ramiro Burr is an excellent music reporter who has been a part of my life throughout my entire career in the Tejano Music Industry. The Billboard Guide is his contribution to you which is filled with the kind of information everyone should be educated with."
--Top Tejano singer/entertainer Laura Canales, La Reina de la Onda Tejana

"This book takes you on a vivid testimony that explores the diverse history of Spanish music's early groundwork and up till now no other book could be a better reference."
--Jesse Martinez, Jr., General Manager, Pueblo Entertainment

"With Texas current economic boom there is a wide array of Mexican and Mexican Americans that have been reared with the Conjunto/Tejano influence. We now have the means to correct the short comings of Conjunto/Tejano music, get the masses behind these group that in their songs tell stories of our heritage. "The Billboard Guide" is teaching our younger generation of our roots. A great and outstanding book."
-- Adam Aguilar, conjunto music fan

"Impressive, sweeping, and complete. Finally a resource from one of the most knowledgeable sources covering the music scene. A definite addition to anyone's library."
-- David Champion, Jr. Director/Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center

"American History leaves a void when it comes to recognizing contributions of Hispanics in the developing of the arts and sciences of the United States. It leaves an even bigger void when it comes to\par the recognition of the Hispanic music contributions. Now, the Billboard Guide will help narrow that gap at least in the recognition of Mexican American music."
-- Lupe Saenz, President of the South Texas Conjunto Association, Inc., Rio Grande Valley.

"Mr. Burr has created the definitive source for information on all aspects of Tejano and Regional Mexican Music. Thanks to Ramiro, current and generations to come will study and enjoy the unique musical style and the special people who make Tejano & Regional Mexican Music a cultural treasure."
-- Arnoldo Salas, Tejano DJ-Salinas CA

"Being from the University of Jalapeno, KEDA Radio. I have been fortunate to learn and teach our music to many people that listen to my show. Now I have a book that can assist me in explaining or supporting my facts. Mr. Burrs book gives me details in Tejano music as well as international music. Its been long awaited for such a book of references. We of the industry Thank You Mister Burr for such a book, that's been long over due.''
-- Prof. Rfm Richard F. Martinez, KEDA-AM

"Ramiro Burr's Billboard Guide is a milestone resource for the Tejano Latino community. Since the resurgence of the accordion to Tejano groups, including a new wave of young Latinos, it is very important for these young musicians to know the history of Tejano -- both the music and the people who began this music. The Tejano music market is a multi-million dollar super highway. It is important to know the old-timers because they are the ones who cut the weeds and brush, and with their sweat and tears built this highway. Thank you so much Ramiro Burr. This book is must on every bookshelf!"
-- Juan Sifuentes Jr., music fan

"This book is a must for all music fans and professionals alike. It's invaluable as a source of information for Tejano/Mexicano music. I carry this book with me at all times!"
-- Abel M. Hernandez, El Webjefe of La Onda Network/Tejano Journal

"A "must read" for not only fans of Tejano music and it's roots but latino music as well. Already viewed as a noted and respected columnist and music critic; Ramiro Burr has ascended to be the premier historian of the latin music genre with this effort. I have been an avid reader of Mr. Burr 's columns for a number of years. I feel confident that latino music fans will enjoy his book. Continued success."
-- David Ortiz, a music fan

"A must-have reference guide for the Tejano/Regional Mexican Music enthusiast"
-- Roy M. Mireles, music fan

"As a member of the younger generation of Tejano Music listeners, I look to Ramiro Burr's publication for the true history of our beautiful music! Even though I am young, I am able to feel proud to be part of this storied genre of music, and to be a part of the bigger picture! Reading the book from beginning to end, it trully inspires and motivates me to go out and share the knowledge I've read with my radio audience, and to play the wonderful music that has kept our families dancing, laughing, crying, echando gritos, and falling in love throughout the past generations, and thoughout our future generations as well!"
-- Josue Rodriguez, Tejano Music Fan, Radio Personality

"His book is to our culture what salsa is to a taco, gotta have it. "Spicy" and "finger lickin' reading good. Great job Ramiro! Que viva nuestra musica, nuestra cultura y nuestra comida."
-- Nick Martinez, music fan/owner of Taste of Texas.

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Billboard Guide to Tejano and regional Mexican Music:

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