Tuesday, 15 September 2009 21:37

Ronald Reagan: 'love is ialways with us,...'

Words have the power to hurt, to inspire, to comfort. I often reflect on Ronald Reagan's eulogies when we and those around us are touched by death and loss.

When actor Patrick Swayze recently passed on, some of those haunting words came back to me:

"Tragedy is nothing new to mankind, but somehow itís always a surprise,

never loses its power to astonish.

"Love is never wasted; love is never lost. Love lives on and sees us through sorrow. From the moment love is born, it is always with us, keeping us aloft in the time of flooding, and strong in the time of trial.

"In life they were our heroes, in death our loved ones.They were happy and singing, and they were right: They were going home.... [T]he men and women of the great and fabled Screaming Eagles. They must be singing now, in their joy, flying higher that mere man can fly and as flights of angels take them to their rest.î"

Reagan's gave his remarks before the Members of the 101st Airborne Division in 1985, when a plane full of soldiers returning home for the holidays crashed after refueling in Newfoundland.

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