Monday, 21 September 2009 23:39

Tru Tv's 'Operation Repo' is staged?

Sad but true - I finally came to the belief that 'Operation Repo' is staged. I had my doubts about it for months.

I really liked the show but there were moments that just didn't seem real or possible. Such as when Lou karate chopped that jerk with a knife. Or when the team

ran across a nude couple, or ran into gangbangers, or when Frank is supposedly arrested for being drunk.

There was just something fakey about it. Now it turns out that the debate over whether "Operation repo"is staged is all over the net. Seebelow.

All so disappointing.

Anybody watch "operation repo" on the tru TV network? - Yahoo! Answers - 11:25pm
Jan 15, 2008 ... Operation Repo, on the other hand, is clearly staged. All of the people they repo from are clearly actors. I am a pro, and this is fake. Report Abuse ... - Cached - Similar -