Friday, 30 July 2010 03:42

Los Texmanicas are one of the more interesting groups to arrive the scene for a while. Obviously the members are not new - each has been with a previous group or groups but this current Grammy-winning teamup (Max Baca, David Farias, guests) is new. Here, California-based guest reviewer Joe Trujillo gives one of their early CDs a retro spin.
Los Texmaniacs
"A Tex-Mex Groove"
Miramex Records

"A Tex Mex Groove" by Los Texmaniacs features a compilation of traditional songs, bursting with a very high level of energy that Max

 Baca (bajo sexto,vocals) and Michael Guerra (accordion, vocals) bring to life. The CD also boasts an all-star lineup of special guests Flaco Jimenez, Augie Meyers, Ruben Ramos, and Los Lobos.

The CD kicks off deep with a ranchera "Ando Buscando" that gets you off the chair, and on the dance floor quick, followed by the oldie but goodie, "Hey Baby", that keeps your shoulders and feet moving to a smooth rythym.

On "Dos Corazones", the tradicional sound of Los Alegres de Teran,[from the roots of conjunto] is nicely performed by Max and Michael. "Cielito Lindo","Mi Vacacion", and, "China De Los Ojos Negros", are genuinely updated by Los Texmaniacs. "Cerca Del Mar" features a  welcomed input, by Flaco Jimenez on accordion, and Los Lobos help complete the bolero. "Hey Good Lookin' ' the Hank Williams masterpiece, brings yet another good, old fashioned feeling to the CD.

"Esperando Tu Quierer," is led by Ruben Ramos, and without doubt, blends very well with the "Texmaniac" sound. "Cayo Una Lagrima", rounds out the 10th song on the CD. However a very nice bonus track, "She's About A Mover," is a nice tribute to the late, great, Doug Sahm, who plays a strong influence on all the musicians involved with this project but none more so than his own son, Shaun Sahm, whom with the Texmaniacs close out this CD the same way it started, moving and grooving on the dancefloor.
-- Joe Trujillo

So we asked Trujillo, why is this CD worthy of a purchase?

"I would recommend purchasing this cd because it entertains a variety of listeners, you have old and new, fast and slow, you can have guests over for any gathering, and theres something for everyone, without having to change the CD, you can't say that about too many CD's, your tio,your mom, and even the kids can party to this cd. My dad is not a fan of Spanish music, but he loves the "Hey Baby," and "Hey Good Lookin''" and of course "She's About A Mover"."