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(As part of Ramon Hernandez's profile of Steve Jordan, we checked in a few months ago with Sunny Suaceda on his impression of the accordion wiz.)

I've was fortunate enough to have been granted access to the world of Steve Jordan before I went solo. He was there for me as a friend, a colleague, and as a musical father figure. So I have much to say about Steve, his music, his influence, his stage presence, and his look.

Steve is off the charts. His music influenced us all in one way or another. He is what

the Beatles did to American music. He revolutionized Tejano music to the next level, creating sounds unheard of in our industry. Even now, as musicians, we're barely scratching the surface of what he's already accomplished.

Even in his persona, Steve Jordan is unique. The sex appeal he had on stage was unprecedented for an accordion player. Off-stage, he's was always cracking jokes, and had a cocky over-the-top rock star image to him. Yet, you have to appreciate all of these traits about Steve. He doesn't take life too seriously, and he's fearless.

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Steve once told me, "Sunny, what's happening to you is that you’re finally waking up and you’re seeing what's in front of you. You’re growing up and that's good. Don't be afraid. Just do what you gotta do, you dig me?”

When you talk to Steve, you’re not talking to an average person. You’re speaking to someone outside of our existence, a shaman, a sage, or a medicine man. He enters into a trance, and speaks in metaphors -- always talking about his plans for the future, and the how the world should be.

His music wasn't always on the mark, but he was ahead of his time. Steve wasn't scared to experiment and push the music envelope.

When I listen to his music I can't help but feel like I'm in another dimension. His sound is unmistakable, untouched and can't be imitated.

His albums are masterpieces. You really can't make them better. You can only do your own rendition of his work. I'm sure that one day, Steve's music, which could be considered unconventional today, will be the standard of tomorrow.

Everything about Steve was modern, his look was flashy with his long rock star hair, the clothes his silver rings and silver bracelets.

He's one of a kind. No one will ever fill his shoes. He is one of the biggest influences of all time.

Many people think Steve Jordan and think accordion. But he says he's a guitar player who happens to play accordion.

I clearly remember when I was at his place one afternoon. It was the first time I had ever gone to visit with him. I walked in, we're talking and I asked "so when do you practice?" he looks at me and says, "Practice? I don't practice, never did and I don't need to because I can't learn anymore. I’m done with the accordion. There's only so much you can get out of it.

“Now on the other hand, I have my guitar now and it’s endless."

Editor’s note: With this he indicated that we should be in for a new world of sounds from El Parche. Furthermore, we thank Sauceda for sharing this tremendous story. For information on the Squeezebox Prince, check out,,, and And for booking, one can contact him at (830) 624-7889.