Wednesday, 25 August 2010 14:35

Colombian rock singer Juanes’ latest single “Yerbatero,” is racing up the charts everywhere. The single – now Juanes' 7th No. 1 song - is from Juanes’ forthcoming CD set for release in December. ('Yerbatero' music video below)

The 3:23 song kicks off with a piercing, snaking guitar lead that flys over catchy bass/drum percussive beats that invite dancefloor action. Juanes meanwhile sings about offering his services as a shaman, offering a really good

 herb for those suffering in love. The tune is fast-paced, full of party rhythms and good grooves.

I guess that means that the thoughtful, philosophical tunes Juanes is also known for, will come with the arrival of his new album. Either way Juanes is still as good as the day he broke on the scene almost 10 years ago.

Local music scribes are describing the music as less technology-driven (programmed, synthesized) compared to what dominates radio


Juanes is also set to perform “La Tierra” with Herbie Hancock at the jazz legend’s 70th birthday concert on Sept. 1 at the Hollywood Bowl. He will also perform in a duet

with Brazilian chanteuse Ivete Sangalo Sept.  4 at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

And in other Juanes news, the artist said he supports Mexican President Felipe Calderon's call for a debate on legalizing drugs.

"It is great that this debate is starting to


come to life, really the only option is to depenalize [marijuana]," the 38-year-old said.

"Legalization is a very strong word and has lots of difficult connotations, but the depenalization of marijuana, for example, is a more viable path to begin with."