Thursday, 26 August 2010 19:05
While many people think the entertainment world is sexy, fun and glamourous, it can be anything but, says Angleton, Texas promoter Jim Luna.
There's long hours, endless hard work, a ton of worries and a million details.

Luna, a 33-year veteran of concert promotions   along the Texas Gulf Coast, is also a Tejano ROOTS Hall of Famer, a rarity for promoters.

He has several shows coming up including Little Joe Y La Familia the Tejano legend who headlines the major Labor  Day weekend event Sept. 4 with Jimmy Gonzalez y Mazz, and Veronica y Avance at Hallaballoos in Houston.
Tickets are $10 until 10 p.m. Details. (713) 943-1400.
Emilio is also scheduled to perform Saturday, Nov. 6, at the Angleton Fairgrounds in a Quartermoon Production. VIP Tickets $60.00 per person (Reserved Seating). General Admission Tickets $20.00 per person. tickets on vale 9/10.
Luna says he puts on an average of 5 shows a month throughout the Gulf Coast and he is proud of his heritage.
"I'm from Angleton, Texas born and raised. I have owned Quartermoon Productions for 33 years," he said.
A successful promoter is rare - anywhere in Texas, the U.S.. or the world for that matter.

And even rarer is longevity particularly in this brutal business. It always looks easy from the outside.

But it is a solid testament to the skills, talents, influence and vision of men like Luna..

"I put on an average of five shows a month throughout the Gulf Coast area from Victoria, Texas and Port Lavaca to Beeville, Angleton, Clute ,Freeport, Houston as well as selling shows out of the state."

Like most promoters, Luna prefers to work behind the scenes. "I do work very hard to keep this industry in the lime lite so to speak. I have been informed last month that i will be inducted to the Tejano hall of fame this year in Alice, Texas that is the greatest honor one could bestow upon me to be recognized by your peers."

Luna advertises all his shows to his informational website -
Despite the hard work, Luna says he gets his thrills when the shows go right and the folks go home happy.

"The most enjoyable part is watching the public enjoy themselvess at one of my shows most people have no idea nor do they care the time ,effort and all the hard work that goes on before a big event.
"They see the finished product and thats the way it should be."

Like many promtoers, Luna also has his special memories.

"The most memerable event that i recall is back in 1995. It was the end of  August," he said. "It happened to be my mothers birthday and I had a show with Emilio y Grupo Rio in Angleton. Well Emilio and I have been very close for many many years.

"That nite it was packed to capacity and he remembered my moms birthday and stopped the music and ask edeveryone to please stay seated and got the band to play a polka. Se bajo de el ensenario and asked my mom to dance. It brought tears to my eyes to see my mom dancing with Emilio with a smile from ear to ear."