Tuesday, 28 December 2010 00:57

Big names from Tejano’s past will come together Dec. 31 for the New Year’s Eve Bash - "Yesterday, today & Tomorrow."

The artists will include Rudy Palacios & Alamo City Band, Rudy Tee Gonzales of the Reno Bops and Rick Balderrama & La Patria. Also performing Rico Del Barrio in a Tribute to Dimas Garza

The New Year’s Evee dance is scheduled Dec. 31 at the

St. Mary Magdalen Church Hall, 1710 Clower.

For tickets reservations contact: Tencha 210-725-6414 Josie 210-680-3651 Linda 210-403-2484.

According to organizer Hortense Martinez, “Father at St. Mary Magdalen asked for help for some of his parishioners that have kidney diseases and are on dialysis so we are also going to donate to the church to help those patients and other clinics.

“I would appreciate it if you could post this for me and might give me some info on where else I can get the word out. We are asking people that cannot go to the dance that they would purchase a ticket to send a patient whether it would be kidney disease, cancer patient, or any other illness so they can enjoy an evening out.”