Monday, 11 April 2011 18:27

Yes, it’s Fiesta time and also time for those ‘Nowhere-else-but-San-Antonio’ moments.

Family festivals everywhere, parades, and outdoor music and dance – and lots of sweet mouth-watering smell of gorditas, chalupasand onion-wrapped fajitas sizzling on the grill wafting through the air. 

The Tejano Explosion 2011 has all of that. And though it is

 know mostly as one of the largest outdoor music festivals during Fiesta, it is really a huge block party for family fun.

The music mix runs from blues and rock to Tex-Mex, conjunto and norteno. The lineup this year features old familiar friends such as Ramon Ayala, Los Aguilares, Ricky Naranjo Y Los Gamblers,
April 13 Jimmy Edward, Emilio Navaira, Ruben Ramos
and so much more.

For the complete schedule, scroll down below.

But be forewarned – the Tejano Explosion is not known for light attendance. On most nights, the place is so packed there are lines - everywhere. And unless you get here VERY early, you can forget about convenient parking. 

April 11 Conjunto romo, Los Aguilares, Ricky Naranjo Y Los Gamblers
April 12 Son De rey, Fama, David Farias, Emilio Navaira Y Rio
April 13 Jimmy Edward & Fantasia, Ruben Ramos and Mex Revolution, Grupo Maravia
April 14 Michael Salgado, Chenete Barrera, La Traizion
April 15 Ramon Ayala, Marcos Orozco, Juan Ramos y Puro Principe, Grupo Inzio
April 16 Jay Perez, Ricardo Castillon, david Olivarez
April 17 Fito Olivares, Massore