Thursday, 18 December 2008 20:38

Miracle: José José's wife wakes after 3 week coma

The power of prayer has been hailed before in regional Mexican circles, most recently in the amazing ongoing recovery by Emilio in his serious head trauma/coma.

Now comes the news that José José's wife, Sara, has awoken from a three week coma.

Sara had gone into a coma after a cerebral hemmorage. However, Notimex reports she woke up this morning at the Mexico City hospital where she has been for several weeks.

"Hoy en la mañana, bendito sea Dios, abrió los ojos," Jose Jose, 60, told a Mexico City radio station. He added that Sara remains heavily sedated and under the effects of the medical drugs doctors are treating her with for her condition.

Sara has undergone two operations in recent weeks and doctors say she has  has a favorable chance for a full recovery.

From Notimex:

"La esposa de José José, Sara Salazar, quien llevaba más de tres semanas en estado de coma luego de sufrir un derrame cerebral, despertó esta mañana en el hospital donde se encuentra internada en México.

Según informó la revista People en español, el propio artista fue quien dio a conocer la noticia a la radioemisora azteca Reporte. "

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