Sunday, 19 April 2009 16:41
Burger King: Tu Musica: rock bands show potential

In the middle of all this Fiesta 2009 celebration we took some time out to check out the Oyster Bake celebration going on at St. Mary's University.

On Saturday, at about 5 p.m., Burger King was hosting their annual "Tu Cuidad, Tu Musica" Band

contest and the groups included Liberal, Boca Abajo, Frenetica and Besotoxx.

The competition was intense as each band played a 20 minute set. Liberal was the first group to go on and they played with youthful energy and a punk attitude. Their second song "Esa Mujer" began with a Shakira-ish rock lead and what was also impressive was the group's vocal harmonies.

Boca Abajo from Austin is a solid experienced group that I've checked out before at SXSW in Austin.  The group began with a ska/reggaeish tune before delving into other songs that fused blues, funk and rockabilly.  On there and song they also threw a that according which certainly thrilled the young fans in front of the stage.

The third group that came on Frenetica from Austin. The female lead group played in an ntense, guitar-led rock style reminiscent of U2. Like the previous groups, Frenetica showcased a free wheeling improve style with lots of extended jams.

Finally, BesoToxx, from Dallas came on.  This five some was led by another female singer and it will play eight several rock ballads that echoed Evanescense, the group that had a hit single on the "Daredevil" movie soundtrack.

When the contest was over and all the judging was ended about 7:15 p.m., the winner was,.....BesoToxx.
The group received a check for $2500 and also an Epiphone guitar.

Congratulations to the group, Burger King and all the sponsors are participated in the annual contest.