Wednesday, 07 October 2009 02:25

Margie Marshall: MJ tribute 'a chance to get close'

The upcoming Who's Bad tribute concerts may be the closest some fans will ever get to the music and memory of Michael Jackson, says promoter/producer Margie Marshall.

Marshall is producing the Who's Bad's San Antonio show, scheduled

here at the Noche Caliente nightclub, 2502 Pleasanton Rd. on Monday, Oct. 19. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Marshall says the SA show will start at 9 p.m. Presale tickets ($10) are on sale at HEB on Military & Pleasanton. Tickets at door $15; minors $20. 18 & up welcome. Arrive early to avoid long lines.

In a recent visit, we asked Marshall what makes this Who's Bad concert special for fans?

"Do you even have to ask? The King of Pop. This is the closest they well ever be, just imagine a replica of the King of Pop! With all do respect it's great that someone out there is willing and able to keep the memory alive for us fans!," she said.

"This is not your everyday average Joe trying to make money off someone's death; they are, and have been following Jackson's footsteps since before his passing.

"They were doing fundraiser's to save the Neverland's from foreclosure, helping Michael Jackson keep his property this was back in May. So when you come out to the show and see all the glitz and glamour from the stage lighting, their choreographed performance along with the music selection you will see…it will be, so touching yet moving, you will know why I say this is special. It well be a memorable event for those who are there."

And which is your favorite MJ song?

"That’s a tuff one cause I just don’t have just one favorite. I have 3 for good reasons,"she said. "The first song is 'I’ll be there' reminds me of when I was an elementary and I was soooooo in love with him. I use to tell my mom I was going to marry him when I got older. What was really going on I was in love with his talent.

"The second song is 'Pretty Young Thing PYT' that when he really started changing his style of music and it was really moving and up beat and as me being a choreographer it was a great song to dance to. The third song is 'We Are The World' I know he was one of the producers for this song. Every holiday that I hear this song, Wow it just puts tears in my eyes. It’s such a warm feeling song!"

Marshall's been in the music business several years.

"I have been a promoter since 1990. Coming from a musically inclined family background, a family of six -me being the youngest- we each played a musical instrument or sang. One of my brothers (Henry Marshall) played sax for Carlos Miranda back in the day & my sister-in-law was Jimmy Edward's sister-in-law now married to my brother Henry. She also did back vocals for one of his CD’s.

"I played the piano & sang in choir all my life until my sister ruined it for me. When I was in middle school I was new to that school I knew no one there; they were getting ready to have auditions for a talent show. So I signed up for auditions to be held the following week.

"So my sister walked in my room while I was rehearsing my song selection which was Debbie Boone's 'You Light Up My Life.' My sis says 'what are you doing.' I told her I had auditions and she told me 'if you audition you will not have any friends and kids will laugh at you.' So instead I danced in the show and won 2nd place. She did save my life! So the bottom line is that music is in my soul!

"I not only promote, I am also a special event coordinator in a wide range than most coordinators. I have been contracted by major record labels to produce artist opening acts including Grupo Control opening Houston Rodeo where they opened for Intocable. I created their opening show in which 75000 people were present; I hired 10 dancers, choreographed an amazing performance which got had the crowd roaring prior to artist performance.

"Another example, if your business is bad and you need a major overhaul or to create excitement or club reformatting, I can do that. Also when I worked in-house at record label I was responsible for creating their image and stage presence. I just want you to know that I am not just out to make money and am not like most promoters; I am different and that’s why I prefer the word producer rather then promoter!"