Monday, 15 February 2010 17:24

I woke up this morning so excited about the diversity of the Latin experience in S.A.!!! 

Yesterday, my evening started out at Azucar, with its Puerto Rican flavor of music…almost everyone was on the dance floor swinging to the mini-orchestra of musicians & artists that had that

place jumpin’!!! I can’t dance salsa …yet… but it was a real treat just to watch…

Then it was off to Cadillac Bar where good ol’ Tejano music was in the air…it was nice to “get back to the roots” as I watched men in cowboy hats twirl their partners on the floor. I smiled as I reminisced about Tejano music - - its history, its evolution…I asked the girlfriend I was with, “Remember T-Town back in the day?” Of course she did.

Out there in the back patio of the Cadillac I met Ramiro Burr. My first impression was that he was a selective man - - selective in what he says, selective in how he processes information…conversations…

I found him extremely easy to talk to - - especially since we quickly engaged in the topic of my new favorite genre of music - - bachata.

I was delighted to speak to someone who would tolerably listen as I ranted on about my obsession with those cuties from the Bronx, also known as Aventura, or K.O.B. (Kings of Bachata). 

Many mornings and afternoons as I commute to my teaching job in the southside of San Antonio, I choose the voice of Anthony “Romeo” Santos before any other. Songs like “El Perdedor,” “Por Un Segundo,” “Romeo y Julieta,” “Angelito,” etc., are songs I never get tired of, and always look forward to. It must be love.

I discovered through Ramiro Burr something I never realized before - - the impact of Juan Luis Guerra’s music on Bachata. With that said, I couldn’t resist listening to Guerra’s classic "Bachata Rosa" this morning. What pure love poetry - - the words that any man truly enamored would say to his “querida”…Te regalo una rosa, la encontre en el camino…"

I’d like to say on a personal note thank you to my new friend Ramiro Burr for the enlightening conversation - - you had so much to say on the musical genre that is it for me right now. Because of last night I’ve made a personal promise to go out and purchase Juan Luis Guerra’s first c.d. - - (because you said I would like it)…As always, thank you for your views and writings that you share will all of us here in “Say-Town.” 

-- Erica Machado