Saturday, 03 January 2009 13:17

Johnny Rodriguez hospitalized with pneumonia

Country singer Johnny Rodriguez was briefly hospitalized in a St. Louis hospital earlier this week.

According to family friends. Rodriguez is doing better

and is recovering back at his Dallas home.

Singer Geronimo Trevino, said he spoke with members of Rodriguez band, who said the singer fell ill with pneumonia last week. He apparently felt worse and was hospitalized in St. Louis for a couple of days.

"He's back home now, according to his bandmembers," said Trevino, who wrote the groundbreaking "Dancehalls and Last Calls" book of a few years ago.

A native of Sabinal, Texas, Rodriguez (Juan Raul Davis Rodriguez) shot to fame in the early '70s with a series of country hits, such as "Just Get Up and Close the Door," "Love Put a Song in My Heart" "I Couldn't Be Me Without You," and "Desperado."

In 1989, Rodriguez recorded a bilingual Tejano album "Coming Home" for Capitol/EMI.