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US Hispanic media legacy, pioneers celebrated

San Antonio has always played a critical role in the founding of Hispanic media in the United States, a medium that today is a national player in the media industry.

The first Spanish-language daily newspaper, radio station and

 television station in the country were all founded here more than 50 years ago which makes the Alamo City the recognized birthplace of the medium.







Photo courtesy by Rosalinda Rizo

The men who founded and developed Hispanic media in those early days more than a century ago were honored Wednesday during a tribute luncheon presented by the SA Vision, the SA marketing arm of the American Marketing Association.

Known as the “Godfathers of Hispanic Media,” these men- were major players and a big influence in the development of Spanish media, not only in Central Texas but throughout the United States.

Spanish-language TV, print and advertising pioneers Emilio Nicolás, Sr., Tino Durán and Eduardo Caballero recalled the challenges they faced at a time when Hispanic media was not considered a viable entity.

“These men were not afraid to do what had not been done, in a time when many said it could not be done,” said fellow advertising Lionel Sosa, who also moderated the tribute panel.

“The Hispanic public needed to now what was available to them, and where they were welcome,” said Cabarello. He added that KCOR radio, KWEX TV and La Prensa newspaper were offering Spanish-language news and information at a time when Hispanic media was rare, and discrimination against Latinos was commonplace.

A crowd of almost 200 media and advertising professionals attended the luncheon held at La Hacienda de Santa Maria.

Nicolás Sr. was the President/GM of KWEX, and the one of the founders of SIN which later became Univision network. Durán remains the long-time publisher of La Prensa, which he established in 1989. Duran followed the legacy of the original La Prensa of San Antonio, published by the Ignacio E. Lozano family, which was the first Spanish-language daily newspaper in the US, founded in 1913. Caballero founded the first and largest Spanish-language radio rep firm in the US and later launched both the first Spanish music broadcast TV network. He was also the founder of AHAA, the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies.

Despite the progress through the years, many challenges remain. Still, the pioneers were upbeat on the future of Hispanic media. 






Drawing by Marie Ferrante

“I am a proverbial optimist and I believe there is much more we can do,” said Duran.

“In the end, what matters most is the product. As long as we provide what the people want, there will always be a need for Hispanic media,” said Caballero.

Hispanic ad executive Al Aguilar paid tribute to the pioneers, noting that their contributions helped open doors for many agencies and companies that exists today, adding: “Your legacy provides the foundation and inspiration for many future generations.”
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