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Tejano music --Que Paso?? Pt II

Tejano's phenomenal rise in the early '90s has been debated for years. Fans wonder if those gold rush days will ever return. Here, in this Pt. II, photographer/songwriter Tejano Ray lays out his observations on what happened.

Will Tejano comes back to the gold rush days?
What will it take? What can fans do?


Eventually it affected even the popular bands who saw there profits from shows and record sales take a dive. Radio stations who once played only Tejano began to broaden there horizons with the influx of norteno, reggaeton even the Latino rap and so forth. The once grand Tejano Music Awards with major sponsorships which filled places like the San Antonio Convention Center then the Alamodome now have scaled down with minimal sponsorship to the smaller venues like having there awards show at a casino in eagle pass and recently at a local night club.

I believe Tejano music will overcome as long as we the fans continue to support the artists and the radio stations who during this hard time continue to play Tejano on the airwaves. However I also believe we need to return to the place Tejano was at its best. In the ballrooms and clubs which not only provided a stage but the most important dance floor. Tejano music is best enjoyed on the dance floor.

I remember the Longhorn ballroom in Dallas on a news years eve with thousands of people enjoying the music and dancing up a storm. I remember what seemed like a sea of people all dancing and having the best of times. I remember in San Antonio what I thought was the best dancehall ever -Tejano Texas.

I was witness to many great shows there and plenty of room to dance and enjoy the music. People who love the music are still out there and so are the bands who continue to work hard to keep the music alive. the music is as good as it ever was and I feel it can only get better. It all depends on all of us focusing in the right direction.

Many of the major labels have abandoned the music but the artists didn’t give up,  many have started their own labels and are working hard to get there music out to the public. There is a lot of talent out there new and old that still believe and there are a lot of fans getting back to the ballrooms and clubs.

The process seems slow but its growing day by day. Next year the Tejano music awards will be held at the Municipal Auditorium (venue changed to Villita Assembly Hall) which is also a step in the right direction so now its up to us the fans to support the music that resides in all our Tejano hearts.

So please go out to your favorite club or ballroom let the music fill your hearts and get those feet dancing and let the music live on.

What did you think? Agree or disagree?
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