Monday, 18 May 2009 16:28

Little Joe arrested on fraud charges: mistaken identify?

In something of an odd case, Tex-Mex singer Little Joe was arrested on fraud charges but was it a case of mistaken identity?

Little Joe was arrested while traveling through Milam County on Highway 36 just south of Cameron last week. In various news reports by KCEN and KXXV TV stations, it was reported that Little Joe was stopped

 by Texas Department of Public Safety troopers when the warrants were discovered.

Little Joe was taken to the Milam County Jail where he bonded out on $10,000 bail. The warrant was issued in Marshal County, Oklahoma. Little Joe was unavailable for comment Monday afternoon.

However, Little Joe's management in Temple, Texas office, reported that it was simply a case of mistaken identity. In a news release issued by La Familia Enterprises, Little Joe's record label,  Little Joe's representatives alleged Monday afternoon that he was victim of identity theft. In thre news release, Little Joe was  actually performing in Texas on the date police alledge a bad check was written in Oklahoma.

Little Joe is one of the longest running Tejano top star. He has won 2 Grammys, including one for best Tejano album of the year.

Read the complete La Familia news release here.