Sunday, 20 September 2009 13:51

Jaime Y Los Chamacos: 'still in the game'

Jaime DeAnda and his Chamacos were joined by Jimmy Gonzalez, Joel Guzman and Avizo list in the list of 2009 Latin Grammy nominees announced Thursday.

Los Chamacos grabbed best Tejano album nominations in a field that included Guzman, Aviso, Mazz,

 Jay Perez and Grupo Vida.

For the complete list of Latin Grammys see: Latin Grammy 2009: Avizo, Gonzalez, Guzman

De Anda said he got a lot of calls as before he knew he had been nominated.

“Suddenly we were getting pages, and emails congratulating us, and we didn’t even know about it,” he said.

De Anda said the Grammy nominations was important because “It means a lot of exposure, a lot of marketing opportunities for us. It also tells people we’re still here, still in the game.”

Los Chamacos nominated CD is “Freedom Tour,” and it was released on the Joslin Records label. De Anda said the label name was inspired by his bajo player Rene Joslin, who’s been with him for 17 years.

“We’re very happy to have our own label . We finally got released from Freddie Records after so many years. Now we can record whatever we want, we just have so much more freedom now.
“Now we can try to do something on our own, we can have fun in the studio and not have any restrictions on what we can record.”

DeAnda has been busy in the studio in other projects including a record with Joel Guzman recorded at the Houston International Festival.

That CD is expected be released on the Smithsonian records label shortly.

On Oct. 9, DeAnda joins Guzman and Mingo Saldivar to kickoff the opening night of the 2009 International Accordion Festival at San Antonio’s La Villita.


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