Saturday, 24 October 2009 17:24

Rudy Palacios: CD release party features lots of friends

Guitarist, songwriter and singer Rudy Palacios is celebrating the release of his latest CD titled "Canciones Del Corazón" on Nov. 12.

Rudy Palacios CD Release Party Longtime performer Palacios celebrates CD release with help from friends - Rick Balderrama,

Chente Barrera, Jimmy Edward, David Lee Garza, Ram Herrera, Stefani Montiel, Henry Lee Parrilla, Ruben Ramos, Rudy Tee Gonzales.

The show is set for 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 12 at the elegant Pueblo Hall, 3315 Northwestern.

Palacios is also member of the Tribute Band which also includes Ralph Cortez as singer, Henry Lee, Roland Martinez and a couple of other guys.

Palacios says "Canciones Del Corazón" is his love letter to a genre which took him on a magical ride among the stars and fed his thirst for music throughout the better part of his early adulthood.

"Canciones Del Corazón," is a versatile, mixed-music CD featuiring classic Tejano tunes, cumbias and more. Also on the CD is singer Jimmy Edward.