Monday, 10 May 2010 01:25

Jazz singer/actress Lena Horne thrilled fans in a career spanning several decades.

Her death Sunday sparked memories of a talented singer who struggled against the odds in an Ameirca of a different time and palce. She was 92.

According to news reports, Horne died at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

Horne was known for her 1,000-watt smile and striking

beauty, which often grabbed the spotlight away from her sultry vocals.

She was famous for famously saying: "I was unique in that I was a kind of black that white people could accept.

"I was their daydream. I had the worst kind of acceptance because it was never for how great I was or what I contributed. It was because of the way I looked."

Among many her firsts included being one of the first black performers in the 1940s hired to sing with a major white band, the first to play the Copacabana nightclub and among a handful with a Hollywood contract.

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