Monday, 05 July 2010 19:04
Music, memories, good times and a good cause came together Sunday night at the historic Cadillac Bar.
Many of the bands and musicians that have helped cement San Antonio's reputation as a world class music town came together to help out one of their own - all pro drummer Roland Martinez, who is awaiting a kidney transplant.
UPDATE 7/7: Jimmy Edward and Lisa Sharpe were no shows and no official reasons was given.
Jimmy Edward, Rudy Tee, Groove Doctors, Rudy Palacios, Rocky Hernandez & OBG Band, Nick Villarreal, Tobias Band, Rico, Lisa Sharpe and others were among the musicians scheduled to take the stage.
Rocky & OBG opened the evening with a set of nostalgia, playing 
old chestnuts from heroes of a musical past that is unforgettable. From Etta James to Neil Sedaka, the bands covered the waterfront.

Roland Martinez is one of those names that is associated with the top line in the history of San Antonio Tex-Mex music. A popular, all-pro drummer, Martinez has played with many of the big stars from the late Laura Canales, to Jimmy Edward, Joe Bravo, Sunny Ozuna and many, many more.

The Groove Doctors, led by keyboardist Richard Alanis, - and the man of the hour Roland Martinez on drums - took the second set with a sweet mix of R&B and pop covers including McFadden & Whitehead's "Ain't no Stopping Us Now," Darius and Finlay, "Do it all night," and Four Tops' "Ain't No woman like the one I got."
Above and beyond the musical fireworks, Sunday night reaffirmed the musical community at it's best. Several artists and muscians dropped by, even though they were not scheduled to perform or had gigs later that night. They simply came to support the cause.
Music is beauty, Music is memory. Music is life., Music is love. Music has the magic power to transport us to another time and place where emotions heat up and rejuvenate us with adrenaline, faith, love and hope. As Sunday evening progressed, the goodwill spirit reminded of a special quote I once read: "Music is prayer. Whether uttered by a child in its stammering, or by a crude person in crude speech, or by the cultivated in ardent, witty words, Heaven hearkens to them with equal love and returns to each as a text the echo of his feelings." --- Boerne
By 8 p.m. Rudy Palacios and the Alamo City Band took the stage in preparation to back up Jimmy Edward, Rudy Tee, Rico and a few others.
Check back for updates as we follow roland Martinez in his incredible journey of hope and healing.